F-16/F-15E strike package vs Su-35S

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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16 Vipers in escort, 8 Mudhens with air-ground ordinance plus cannon only vs 16 Flanker-Es. You're flying lead in one of the 4 Viper flights. Question: How to protect the strikers?


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Why are the sending Vipers to protect the Mudhens? You'd think they'd at least send F-15Cs and if not those, F-22s. Don't forget that the Mudhens have some pretty good A2A capabilities themselves.


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First, if you knew you'd be facing 16 SU-35s, you'd been taking steps to break down their formations and persistence before you ever sent F-15E's deep. Second, do we have the advantage of AWACS in this fight, or do they, or both or neither? Third, under no circumstances would the F-15Es go in with cannon and A2G weapons only. That defeats the very purpose of the "strike fighter". They'd be carrying at least 2 AIM-120 and 2 AIM-9s IMO. Fourth, depending on the target, it might be wise to reverse the role of 4 of the 8 Mudhens with 6 of the Vipers. The F-15E retains all the air dominance traits of its older sister and its much more powerful AESA suite could be used to quarterback and over-watch the 10 remaining A2A dedicated F-16s. That'd be a much more deadly mix for the SUs to contend with.

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