Four F-16s vs one F/A-22

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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The only way to know the truth is to put them in a real combat.....specialists, aviation gurus, "experts" have been wrong before, and could be wrong you remember when they told Col. R. Olds not to train his pilots in doghfighting cos the missiles will do all the job???......MiG-17 were considered obsolete, but obtain some remarkable air to air kills.......ships were supposed to be inmune before the Malvinas War, but they weren´ fighters return to a only way to test that is real combat.....Just my two cents.
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pucara70 wrote:ships were supposed to be inmune before the Malvinas War, but they weren´ fighters return to a only way to test that is real combat.....

I don't know where you were but, all navies have been extremely concerned ever since the Egyptian patrol boats fire Stxys Missiles and sunk the Israeli destroyer Eilat in Oct. 1967. Many warships have been hit by Exocet Missiles but, only one was sunk. The HMS Sheffield was sunk due to inadequate fire fighting capability. All other warships were damage, successfully fought the fires and survive, including the USS Stark a frigate, was struck by two Exocet Missiles and survived.
While there is all sorts of debate on the effectiveness of hard kill weapons against anti-ship missiles, seldom discussed and probably more effective are the soft-kill counter-measures.

The reality is the USAF knows a lot more about aerial combat from its air combat laboratories or live simulations now than they did decades ago. The F-22 has more technical advantages over any competition or operational fighters today than the F-15 had over the F-4, F-5, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-25's when the F-15 was introduced.... and look at the F-15's combat record! One significant advantage the F-22 has is a radar that will not set off any current RWR. So the F-22 charges into a combat space, locks up its victim and fires a missile and the victims first knowledge it is under attack is when its RWR goes off because the AMRAAM's terminal guidance radar has just activated. Not much time to take effective counter-actions.


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