Single or double Sitter F-16: which is better?

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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SwedgeII wrote:Station wagon with little gas tank or sports car, your call!!

SwedgeII, that was a nice one :wink: . Pure adrenaline driving in a familiar environment perhaps.

I guess a good navigator always comes handy in the World Rally Championship. Not to mention if your car comes with multi-sensors to manage.

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One other 2 seater use could be the following to explore: Take a CFT jet and a few drop tanks. ( Put as much gas carry ability on it as you feel comfortable with ) add a really good radar and a SNIPER pod and mimic what was done with the F-18SH in OIF.

In a situation where you are "thinning the herd " ( killing off / reducing an enemy fighting division before it even makes contact with our ground troops)...

The 2 seater shows up ( coordinated with JSTARS ) and starts picking out heavy equipment ( AFVs , other vehicles, artillery, AAA etc ) and obvious bunkers / fighting positions, roadblocks, etc etc. and starts using the SNIPER XR pod to produce a nice shopping list of targets to be taken out. Then you tell JSTARS to start sending you aircraft out of "the stack". ( B-52s, B-1s, F-14,15, 16, 18 ) ( in the future A-45 ) as those aircraft show up in one big line, the 2 seater F-16 starts handing off targets to them. And those other aircraft do their thing and leave. Of course today a F-15E could do the same job, but I would prefer it would be one of the few with a SNIPER pod as opposed to the crummy old LANTIRN.

Later when friendly ground troops are involved, you could do the same thing with CAS coordinating with the ground FAC ( G-FAC ) below where friendly troops are engaged in a sustained movement/offensive.
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SwedgeII wrote:Station wagon with little gas tank or sports car, your call!!

thats an interesting way of putting it lol. :P




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Actually, there're many people who suspect that the latest batch of RSAF (Republic of Singapore Airforce)'s F-16D/52+, are actually F-16Is, renamed as F-16D.

If you study both countries' F-16D (The IAF's Block 42 and Latest F-16I), and the two batches of RSAF's F-16D, you'll realise it is all actually just two types of aircraft...the latter batch of RSAF's is actually the I, with every single antenna and little "bump" on the dorsal and belly all matching the I, inch-by-inch...while the first batch of dorsal-spine F-16D were exactly the same as the IAF's Block 42s...very interesting.

The RSAF's 2nd batch of F-16D/52+ (or F-16I) are also fitted with CFT plus 600-lb israeli-type external fuel tanks, for long-distance strike with GBUs and LANTIRN.

Anyway, that's a little off-topic.

Yup, the WSO guy in the back is the "backup pilot", cum EW and A-G weapons operator. Both are trained to fly the jet. In the RSAF's configuration, the front pilot gets the DASH-3 helmet for off-boresight helmet-cueing of Air-to-Air missiles, such as Python-4 and he concentrates on the A-A only.

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