F-16 vs. F-6, dogfight near the deck.

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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Unread post29 Apr 2009, 14:37

skyhigh wrote:In my last post on this thread, I described a viable tactic how the Farmer could gun down a Viper.

No. No you didn't.


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Unread post30 Apr 2009, 05:24

skyhigh wrote:I meant a tail-chase engagement near the deck between an F-6 and a Viper, with the Viper in hot pursuit.

I know the Farmer is obsolete Cold War junk, but still, it is an agile dogfighter near the deck.
In my last post on this thread, I described a viable tactic how the Farmer could gun down a Viper.

No you didn't.

You gave a scenario about how you'd beat the F-16 with out any clue about how either plane truly flies
Not to mention, weaving back and forth at low level is not a 'tactic', it is a defensive maneuver. 1 on 1 combat is described (by those of us that do this or have done this) as Basic Fighter Maneuvers. If you want to throw out the word 'Tactics', you'll have to learn a lot more about utilizing 2-4 ships or more in coordinated fighting.

You gave a scenario on how you'd beat the F-16 on the deck in hot pursuit that was unrealistic. I answered with a very educated rebuttal. If you don't want to see the realistic answers to your question (or uninformed statements) don't post, and especially, don't tell me how you'd gun down a Viper by overshooting it and stalling it.

If you want to shoot down a Viper with the Farmer, I gave you the answer.




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Viper is faster, has better acceleration, better sustainable turn-rate and better rate-of-climb. Because of that, viper could choose the fight. Wise viper would enter the fight when in advantage, and leave when in disadvantage.

In 1 vs 1 guns only, when defensive, viper could easily escape Mig weapon employment zone by accelerating and go vertical, then shoot Mig from above. Viper plus AIM-9M/X against Farmer, there will be no contest at all.

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