F-16 vs. F-8 Crusader/Super Crusader

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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According to Vought's Heritage site, yes the Super Crusader III had the same 4 x 20mm cannons. The TF-8A had 2 cannons removed for weight/balance, and 2 of the ammo canisters removed for the aft cockpit.

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For the definitive story on the Super Crusader, I recommend
"Vought F8U-3 Crusader III Super Crusader " by Tommy Thomason,
ISBN 0984611401.

It is superb, and you'll learn more than you ever thought you'd know about the F8U-3. It is a fair assessment of the aircraft, and while it shows some of the remarkable things they achieved, it also serves to dispel some of the myths and legends that have grown up over the years about this remarkable plane. You come away realizing that although this was an excellent aircraft, the Navy absolutely made the right choice in picking the F-4, and not just because it had two engines and/or a RIO.

BTW, the purpose of the rocket was not to increase acceleration. As you go higher in altitude and the air gets thinner, the power of jet engines drops dramatically. However since drag drops as well, less power is needed. A rocket, on the other hand, keeps right on producing the same amount of thrust it did as sea level. This can mean an effective doubling or more of total available thrust at high altitudes from a fairly small motor. And don't forget, there's still that factor of less drag from the thinner air.

Rockets were also proposed for the F-15 and F-20, but in both cases it was decided it wasn't worth the trouble. In fact the rocket for the F8U-3 was dropped fairly early on.

The Super Crusader was remarkable for its day, but an F-16 in WVR, and from the C on in all conditions , would have been well able to handle it.l conditions

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