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Primary Position Title: Air Traffic Control, Terminal
GLC Code: 23ATC2
Location: Tonopah Test Range
Pay Rate: $23.92/ Hour

Purpose of the Classification: (Including but not limited to the following)

Responsible for the overall operations of the Control Tower during their shift and maintains general situational awareness of air traffic. If necessary, they may limit or disapprove operations based on existing traffic congestion or complexity, staffing, weather, and individual controller training and experience.

Principal Responsibilities:

Performs many of the following responsibilities:
A. Control air traffic on and within vicinity of airport according to established FAA and USAF procedures to prevent collisions and to minimize delays arising from traffic congestion.
B. Answer radio calls from arriving and departing aircraft and issue landing and takeoff instructions, runway in use, wind velocity and direction, visibility, taxiing instruction, traffic advisories, and any other data pertinent to flight safety to aircraft operating in and around the airport traffic area.
C. Transfer control of IFR/VFR aircraft departing to and accept control of arriving flights from Nellis Radar, using approved telephone and interphone communications.
D. Alert airport emergency crews and other designated personnel by radio or telephone when airplanes are having difficulties.
E. Operate the ETVS (TED) air traffic control communications console and the DVRS recorder.
F. Operate the airport lighting panel and the emergency power generator.
G. Control vehicle traffic on and around the runways using approved FAA and local procedures.
H. Keep written records of daily events using personal PC or typewriter.
I. Performs related duties as required.
Education Required:

High School Diploma or equivalent. Must have completed an accredited military or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic control school.

Experience Required:

Must hold/or be able to pass a FAA Second Class Flight Physical. Must have one year control tower and 8 years total air traffic control experience.

Special Knowledge/Skills Required:

A. Must have held or hold a FAA Control Tower Operator Certificate (CTO) and an Air Force Special Code (AFSC) of 1C100, 1C190, or 1C170 or equivalent.
B. Good oral and written communication skills.
C. Must be able to meet eligibility requirements to obtain and maintain the required government security clearance.
D. May be required to spend 3-5 nights away from home weekly

RESPOND BY: E-mail resume to or . Facsimile transmission to 702.646.0637. You may also apply in person at the CSC PMO at 3965 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Responses must be received no later than noon on the date listed above.


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I cartainly qualify. Where did you find this job posting?
Lord bless Charlie Mops

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