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The guard (C-130) and the Reserve (C-17, at the moment) are both advertising on USAJobs for positions here in Alaska. They run the whole range from various technicians to a maintenance officer.


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Don't forget about the Reserves doing the Raptor thing. We are hiring part time and full time for Crew Chiefs, weaps, specs, L.O. and ammo. There are a few more slots for other jobs but I'm not sure what they are. If anyone has any questions just call 1-907-552-4290. We even have officer slots open including maintenance officer and pilot for those interested (I think) but one way to find out. I'm a 16 guy and I love it up here. There is another 16 guy as well as an an A-10 guy who got full time gigs so anyone with fighter airframe experience in Crew Chief, spec, or weaps can join.
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Darn, I would come out there and work for free on the weekend if the Air Force let me. I would sweep floors to be close to the jets. But they are not going to let a "civie" in there - even to volunteer. :(

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