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Unread post19 Jan 2008, 15:29

If any slugs or losers or dead beats and complainers who want come over here and get paid for sitting on their a$$ for doing nothings and you recommended them will not make you a very popular person!!!!! :evil:




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Unread post20 Jan 2008, 11:29

Wow. Looks like someone wants to collect a lot of money for referrals???? Good J.Adams! Hope that they all don't turn out to be P.O.S.'s? I would never refer people who I don't know or have never worked with before! Hey, people that sent ur resume to J.Adams, you could send them to me, and, I'll give you half the referral money back! Just kidding!




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Unread post22 Jan 2008, 19:58

If these "recruits" turn out to be anything like the two previous posts assume they will be...


We have enough "r.o.a.d.ies" in the commercial airline industry to fill a landfill. Mostly ex Pan-Am employees... the 90-minute crowd. You've got a CSD-gen change tonight, and the Lead assigned his buddie, Archie Bunker, to assist. S'okay, I got the lift truck, opened the cowl, got all the accessories, tubing runs, and wire harnesses off, just need so-and-so to help me lift this thing off the bolts in the snow- WHERE IS HE?!?

Oh, sorry, been outside, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and talking **** for the past 90 minutes.

In a perfect world, take the badge off his shirt, walk him to the door, you're fired. Oooooh, noooo, he's got senority, he's a good ol' boy, can't fire him. GRRR! :bang:

Sigh. I suppose it's alot harder, there- Though, I have seen people thrown off TDYs before. Oddly enough, the DynCorp INL cotracts link employment to sortie rate. Won't maintain yer plane? Here's a ticket home, ahbbie... Don't assume the worst, though. You might get good people! Too bad ya can't put marital status on an application, weed out all the future curtailments after "dear john" videotapes.

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