Looking For Depot Level Maintenance Job (Hill AFB, Utah)

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Hey guys, I was 6 years Active Duty military in the Air Force and I came from Yokota Air Base, Japan from C-130's. I came to Hill AFB and began working F-16's ever since May of 2012. Now that I am about to get out, I would like to work Depot side at Hill AFB, preferably on C-130's, but I will gladly do F-16's.

My job in the Air Force is 2A654 (Aircraft Fuel Systems Journeyman) and I definetaly enjoy the aircraft maintenance job field. If anyone has any connections on the depot side to either the F-16 or C-130 side, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




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First thing you should do is get a resume posted on USAJobs. Make sure that it has all of the "key" words in it to get through the resumix system, which is an automated system at AFPC. Try to get a position description (PD) for whatever you're trying to apply for and tailor your resume to that. You can post up to 5 resumes on USAJobs, each can be tailored for a different position. Keep checking USAJobs for new positions and self-nominate for everything remotely close to what you want - let them say no. Sometimes the best way to get a civil service job is to get on board as a contractor first. Try to find out what contract companies are at Hill and apply with them. If you get hired as a contractor, you're halfway home. It's easier to get hired into civil service if they know you and the kind of worker you are.




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PM send to you
what would a pilot do with out a crewchief ??


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Since you’re already at Hill and have an access card. Have you tried walking over to the fuel barn on the depot side? Maybe your supervisor knows the shop chief.

On getting a job. You might try the contractor route. AFMC has been cutting positions the past couple of years. And this year doesn’t look any better.

Also if you want to try another route. Go over the Reserve Side and see if they have any Air Reserve Technician openings. It’s not the best job. But it is a good way to get your foot in the door as a Federal Employee.

Good luck

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