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Unread post09 Oct 2012, 02:22

F-16 Technical Positions open in the UAE. All skills all disciplines.

F16 Recruiting inc. is looking for F-16 trained personnel in all disciplines, Air-frame, engines,egress, weapons, avionics(all systems) fuel, quality, management. Location the UAE. Skill level 5 and above. 3+ years experience and fully certified in there field. Have or had a secret clearance. This is a 1 year contract, can be renewed.

We are offering safe/comfortable accommodations, medical benefits, transport, 35 days vacation with one round trip ticket, tax free salary.

Send resumes to f16recruiting@gmail.com

Also see: http//www.f16recruiting.webs.com

Larry Rerecich




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Unread post18 Oct 2012, 17:26

I am interested in looking into this, I have 18 yrs experience with F-16's.

I had heard that they require a copy of certificates and a copy of your pp before the interview. Is this true ??

Please pm me with answer or let me know here..........




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Unread post21 Oct 2012, 00:56

F-16 positions in the UAE. These positions are opened to all experienced F-16 AFSC's. The client is Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre (AMMROC) in the UAE. These positions need to be filled now. 5 skill level and above, 3+ years experience on the F-16. You will be put up in a hotel the first 30 days in Abu Dhabi while your visa and security clearance is completed. Then once that is done you will be moved to the accommodations on the Air Base. Salary range depends on experience and AFC. This is a one year renewable contract. Travel there and back at the end of the contract is provided. Transport in the UAE is also provided. 35 days vacation and round trip ticket given once a year. This is a legitimate offer, I was just in the UAE and met with the client, so I know whats to be expected and what you will receive.

I am an ex USAF crew chief, I have 28 years as a aviation maintenance engineer, with 20 years of working overseas, and 10 of it in Kuwait and the UAE. I am not a recruiter, if you have questions or need help , contact me any time. f16recruiting@gmail.com or call me at 520-975-6596. My job is to make sure you get hired on and treated well. I am with you on this whole process contract from start to finish. If your interested and want to do this send me your resume, F-16 certificates and a copy of your pp.




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Unread post31 Oct 2012, 19:06

I still have many F-16 positions open. I have the details of the pay and benefits. The web site will be up soon and you will be able to find answers to many of the questions you have. The open positions are listed below.
The F-16 Maintenance Program will have openings for all F-16 aircraft maintenance AFSCs, Quality Assurance, as well as Maintenance Training Instructors, etc.


• Avionics Instructors & Flight Control Instructors
• Jet Engine Maintenance Instructors
• Electric/Environmental Equipment Maint Instructors
• Structural Maintenance Instructors
• Pneudraulic Systems Maintenance Instructors
• Aircraft Metals Technology Maintenance Instructors
• General Maintenance Instructors
• Int. Avionics Instructors & Flight Control Instructors
• Egress Equipment Maintenance Instructors
• Int. Avionics Comm/Nav & Penet Aids Maintenance Instructors
• Int. Avionics Instructors & Flight Control Maintenance Instructors
• Life Support Equipment Maintenance Instructors
• Weapons Load Maintenance Instructors
• NDI Maintenance Instructors
• Fuel System Maintenance Instructors
• Crew Chiefs
• Int. Avionics Comm/Nav & Penet Aids
• Quality Assurance (Supervisor /Inspector)
• Hydraulic/Pneudraulic Technicians
• Maintenance Control Technicians
• Engine Test Cell Technicians
• Life Support Technicians
• Weapons Load Technicians
• Electric/Environmental Technicians
• Structural Mechanics Technicians
• Egress Equipment Technicians
• Fuel System Technicians
• Metallurgical Laboratory Technicians




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Unread post20 Jan 2013, 16:59

Does anyone know if there are any job openings for crew chiefs in UAE right now?




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Unread post23 Jan 2013, 05:15

I am Safiullah. I send my documents and certificate on yor E-mail contect but i have no responce from you. I have almost 15 years experience on f-16 aircraft in Pakistan Air Force.




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Unread post28 Feb 2013, 15:32

waiting as an armament and avionics mechanic for AMMROC.




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Unread post28 Feb 2013, 16:23

Submitted paperwork about 1 month ago and still waiting on response.




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I am junior commission officer retired from pakistan airforce.during my service,i had been working on different Aircrafts Egress and weapon system like,chanies fighter A/Cs, french mirage A/Cs and F-16 A/B Aircraft.I am QC/QAP trained and having Five year experience of quality management.I was deputated in UAE Airforce for three years on mirage Aircraft being in service.
2.my qualification is masters in I.R 3.Though my age is 52 years but I am still thin and smart.I can work dusk to down.
4.If you please consider me illigible for above stated system in F-16 net in UAE ,I will dishcharge my duties with full devotion and dedication.




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Unread post23 Apr 2013, 05:43

• former colonel at egyptian airforce age 42 years
• Graduated from technical institute of the armed forces
• 18 years of experience at f16 as crew chief / flight line/ 7th level as APG / squadron engineer / license of a/c engine operate / 3 years as quality assurance & accident investigator / certificate in quality & management & environmental quality
• if you interested i can send my cv (a Scan of my certificates & STS)
• my wish to work at UAE .
thank you


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Unread post07 May 2013, 21:41

I have worked as a Calibration Technician and Lab Supervisor for over 23 years test equipment calibrations for engineering firms in the Egyptian Air Force.
My strengths include communicating effectively with personal to achieve desired outcomes for both the business and customer. With a working knowledge of project management, efficiently co-coordinating a laboratory team in a fast paced production environment, communication has been an essential skill that I continue to develop.
Other positions involved autonomous field and shift work where decision making and attention to detail was essential. As a team player I like to positively contribute to the team using my problem solving and organizational skills and regarded by others as an approachable and friendly team member.
I am seeking an employer who shares values similar to my own whereby there is a desire to strive toward a common goal with integrity and efficiency. I view my work as an investment rather a job and I’m keen to develop my skills to provide added value to the company and customer.

Diploma from the Armed Forces Higher Technical Institute.

Professional Experience
EGYPTIAN AIR FORCE, Base, (01/1993 to 01/2013):
calibration Technician (01/1993 to 01/2011):
? Test and evaluate new TMED optical, dimensional, mechanical assemblies and troubleshoot to determine cause and remedy for malfunction, and conduct engineering tests at MECC .
? Managed the optical, Dimensional, mechanical Section of the Calibration Laboratory at MECC.
? Managed Planning and Schedule Section at MECC
? Developed test procedures and performed test equipment calibrations for optical, dimensional& mechanical TMDE standard.
Cont. Professional Experience

Lab Supervisor (01/2000 to 01/2012):
? Managed lab workflow and LE 1M budget.
? Trained and supervised 50 technicians.
? Performed test equipment calibrations and ensured accurate documentation to meet ISO 17025 and auditing requirements.
? Managed onsite calibration facility for an Egyptian air force bases and performed onsite calibrations.
? Coordinated all logistical requirements including transportation, lodging, and weaponry; and ensured mission accomplishment, often with less than 24 hours notice.
? Planning, organizing, and monitoring calibration assignments and ensuring work expectations for scope, schedule, cost and responsiveness.
? Maintain A2LA/ISO 17025 Calibration Quality System Requirements.
? Administrate monthly random uncertainty testing and proficiency testing.
? Interface with engineering for technical resolutions for tolerance failures.
? Increase through-put of calibration department.
? Develop new test procedures, establish template calibration certificates, and implement the control of all documents as part of the QMS.
? Implement lean methodologies to continuously improve on-time delivery to 100% for customers by reducing test/calibration time.
? Perform random audits.


? Basic Course of Calibration.
? Certificate in local requirements for type 2 pmel lab (k5, k6 area) 5 skill level at EAF BY USAF teacher year 1994.
? Certificate in advanced optical/dimensional calibration at USA navy year 1995.
? Certificate in QA for managing work at air force basis year 2007 in EAF.
? Certificate in measurement uncertainties and statistical measurement process control year 2007 at EAF MECC.
? Certificate in successfully completed level 7 in precision measurement calibration of laser measurement (length-angularity-flatness-parallelism) and highly proficient in length (gage block) at EAF year 1999.
? Certificate in OJT training for optical/dimensional calibration to level five at EAF by USA teacher year 1998.
? Certificate in participated in the A2LA ISO-17025/iec assessment year 2005at EAF.
? Certificate in participated in the A2LA ISO-17025/iec assessment year 2007at EAF.
? Certificate in participated in the A2LA ISO-17025/iec assessment year 2009at EAF

Computer Skills
Microsoft Office 2012, MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint.

? Vacuum gages
? Pressure gages
? Weight /scales
? Torque ranches
? Force gages
? Steel rule
? Vernier & dial Calipers
? Depth gages
? Height gages
? Outside micrometers
? Inside micrometers
? Gage blocks
? Protractors
? Angle blocks
? Surface plates
? Comparators
? Laser systems
? Straight edges
? Dial indicators
? Thickness gages
? Measuring wires
? Clinometers
? Levels
? Rotary tables
? Optical flats
? Prism
? Polygons
? Optical wedges
? Optical cube
? Clinometers
? Autocollimators
? Mirrors
? Theodolites
? Sine plates
? Angle generators
? Plug gages
? End gages
? Snap gages
? Rings
? Fillers




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Unread post08 May 2013, 18:15

I am retired junior commission officer from Pakistan Air Force after completion of 25 years service,i had been working on different Aircraft F-16 and mirage A/Cs and working as a Crew Cheif on Mirage Air craft for 05 years, and production Control Supervisor F-100 Engine F16 Air craft for 13 years at Mirag Rebuild Factory Kamra Distt Attock Pakistan please consider me illegible for above stated system in F-16 net in UAE ,I will discharge my duties with full devotion .My academic and experience record are given below for your kind consideration.


1. D.A.E in Engine Technology ( 03 years ).
2. F100 Engine (F16 Aircraft)Test Cell OPS/Maint Course
3. F100 Engine (F16 Aircraft)familiarization course.
4. F100-PW-220E Engine (F16 Aircraft)system,& trouble shooting course
5. F100 Engine (F16 Aircraft)Maintenance Management System course (EMMS) course.
6. Quality Control Familiarization course from 16.11.2009 to 28.11.2009.
7. Mirage-V Aircraft Refresher and training familiarization course.
8. Military Training Course.

During my 25 years of service my work experience and deployment on systems is given below
1. Crew Chief at Mirage A/C (05 years)
2. Production Control Supervisor F100 Engine(F-16 A/C) at Mirage Rebuild Factory Kamra (13 years)
3. Production Control Supervisor J-69 Engine (T-37 A/C) at Mirage Rebuild Factory Kamra
4. Production Control Supervisor T-56 Engine (C-130 A/C) at Mirage Rebuild Factory Kamra
5. Maint. Analysis of Engine Data & Forecasting of life components (03 years)
6. Administrative, Managerial & Supervisory duties (07 years)

My permanent address is:
Cell Number: 0336-6904029 & 0347-7701216
My e.mail address is;




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Unread post17 May 2013, 09:42

15 years in F110-ge-100 engine . Jet scan expert ( semdex ) . Quality Assurance expert . Logistic expert . Ndi
* 7 level in engine
* 5 level in NDI
* 5 level in logistic center
## jet engine misshap investigation courses in usa
## jet engine data analysis USA
## English diploma USA




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Unread post12 Aug 2013, 12:47

I have almost 11 years of experience of f-16 technician as airframe fitter and crew chief.
* APG O level f-16 course
* crew chief O level f-16 course.
* diploma of associate engineer in airframe technology.
* 5 level apg and crew chief qualified.
* 7 level apg and crew chief qualified
* After retirement on 23june 2013 I have cleared Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License without type rating in Airframe written examination organized by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority and very soon I will get my license.




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Unread post26 Dec 2014, 16:58

Dear Sir.

I am retired from Pakistan Air Force. My service experience expand over 21 years as a crew chief. Now I want a job against F-16 Aircraft .


1. B.A from Punjab University Lahore obtaining Grade B
2. F.Sc (Pre-Engineering) from School of Aeronautics (PAF) Korangi Karachi Obtaining Grade A
3. Matriculation Certificate from BASE Sargodha.
1. B.A from Punjab University Lahore obtaining Grade B
2. D.A.E(Air Frame Technology) from School of Aeronautics (PAF) Korangi Creek Karachi Obtaining Grade A
3. Diploma of Apprenticeship (Air Frame Technology) from School of Aeronautics (PAF) Korangi Creek Karachi Obtaining Grade A.
4. F-16 Air Craft Familiarization Course
5. F-16 (A) & F-16 (B) Aircraft Non-Power Ground Support Equipment Course
6. F-16 (A) & F-16 (B) Aircraft Crash Recovery Course

During my 21 years of service my work experience and deployment on systems is given below
1. Working as supervisor in component repair shop in Masroor Air base Karachi
2. Technical Instructor and Training Monitor of Mechanical System of Air Crafts.
3. Crew-Chief and Line-chief for maintenance of F-16(A) & (B).
4. F-16(A) & (B) Air Craft Ground Support Equipment,
5. Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Specialist of Air Craft.
6. F-6 Air Craft, MIRAJ-III & V Air Craft, A-5 Air Craft, Component Maintenance Specialist.
7. Supervision of Rectification in Mechanical System of Air Craft,
8. As a Safety Supervisor throughout the job.
9. Workshop Practice.

My permanent address is:
Muhammad Asif S/O Iftikhar Ahmed.House # 136 St.# 7 Madni Park Jaranwala
Tehsil Jaranwala & DISST. Faisalabad PAKISTAN.
Cell Number: 0306-7135373 & +92414314972
My e.mail address is;

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