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Hello all;

i am new so if this is in the wrong page, i apologize. i am working in saudi and have been here for a year now. well, this morning, i find out that my slot is closing and that i may be sent to another base or go home. i would rather stay where i am but if i have to go, i will.

i am currently working on 15c/d's. my past experience is heavies, 130's and 135's. i have adapted quit well to the fighter platform and it's not bad. i just look at it as more knowledge and experience.

anyway, i am seeking out better opportunities as i know they are out there but haven't found anything yet. my resume is out to several locations, though i have not heard from anyone yet. if anyone out there can help me i would definitely appreciate it. i just recently went home to move my family to save money to now find out this is happening. how soon will i go, i don't know yet. i am recovering from surgery and now this. things happen for the better is how i am taking it. look forward to hearing from someone. feel free to email me @ thank you.




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Give a try to this kind of pages :




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