F-15/16 Aircraft Mx Apprentice Tech. Training Instructors

Unread postPosted: 06 Jul 2012, 19:21
by patkro007
Salient Federal Solutions is currently seeking F-15/16 Aircraft Mx Training Instructors for long term opoortunities at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls Tx.

•We are looking for individuals with USAF active/reserve component hands-on aircraft maintenance and weapons experience on F-15C/D/E in all flight line and most back shop maintenance specialties.
•These individuals will provide instruction as Air Education and Training Command technical training instructors.
•Instructors must meet Community College of the Air Force accreditation standards and comply with CCAF and AETC training standards.
•Instructors will provide both podium lecture, discussion, and practical instruction using a variety of media types, presentation software and hardware, training devices, simulation tools, and USAF ground instructional training aircraft (GITA).
•Instructors will have the additional challenge of providing technical English language instruction to students who have only recently learned to speak English at the Defense Language Institute

Desired Skills:
•Documented award of T-prefix AFSC (ie., "T2A373")
•5 year s of experience in the USAF in working on USAF F-15 aircraft as a Dedicated Crew Chief (DCC) or Assistant Dedicated Crew Chief (ADCC) in a flight line environment assigned to an aircraft maintenance unit (AMU). This level of detail is unique to several on aircraft" maintenance positions: 2A3x3, 2A6x1, 2A6x3, 2A6x5, 2A6x6, and 2W1x1
•2 years (of the 5) performing on-the-job (OJT) training of other USAF personnel.
•Award of the 7-level AFSC 2A373
•2A Instructors must be physically fit, able to lift 50 lbs, walk extended distances carrying or pushing carts with tools and equipment (up to a 1/4 of a mile), and be physically capable of performing all tasks commonly associated with all aspects of supporting or (for maintainers) repairing aircraft in accordance with US Air Force technical orders.
•2A flight line aircraft maintenance instructors must be capable of climbing ladders and maintenance stands, walking and standing for long periods of time, standing and working on wings and other control surfaces, working around operating jet engines, and petroleum, oils, and other lubricants (POL), and other hazardous chemicals and support equipment commonly used by the USAF in aircraft maintenance and support.
•Instructors will be required to pass a background investigation
Award of an Associate's Degree or higher, preferably from CCAF with an AAS degree in their career field
•Graduation from USAF technical training in the instructor career field
•7-Level awarded in required Air Force Specialty
•Specific AFSC awarding courses
•DD214 with Honorable Discharge
•USAF Certificates in AFSC-awarding and related courses
•Certificate of graduation from a USAF Basic Instructor Course
•AF Form 623 and Career Field Education and Training Records (CFETPs) showing certified tasks.
•Computer generated training records from Air Force maintenance management/ training system databases or other DoD training systems are preferred.

•USAF Records Review printout showing assignments and duty positions
•Have recent USAF fighter maintenance experience (0-2 years)
•CCAF degree in Air Force Specialty
•CCAF Degree in Instructional Technology
•Have experience traveling overseas
•Excellent computer skills, to include MS Office and web applications

If you feel you meet these requirements, please go to http://www.salientfed.com/careers/
to apply.

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