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Had a friend email me this today.

http://webconnect.sendouts.com/CN_Frame ... GIS&Key=CN

If the link wont work. Google

F-15 Jobs Salient Federal Solutions

Posted Date: 4/16/2012
Job Category: Education/Training
Position Title: F-15 Maintenance Trainers
Salary Range:
Location: Florida, USA
Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, Virginia, USA


Salient Federal Solutions is a rapidly growing training company with hundreds of positions available!

We are seeking highly qualified USAF veterans who possess experience in F-15 Maintenance & Logistics, Management, Aircraft & Fighter Maintenance.

We have multiple positions available in the following AFSC’s:

1P071 Aircrew Flight Equipment [F15]

2A071P Avionics Sensors and Electronic Warfare Systems [F15] [S]

2A071S Avionics Test Station/Components [F15] [S]

2A373 F-15 Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (“Crew Chief”) [F15]

2A374 F-15 Aircraft Avionics (2A3X1A, B, and C) [F15] [S]

2A671 Aircraft Propulsion (GE 110 experience) [F15]

2A672 Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE)

2A673 Aircraft Egress [F15]

2A674 Aircraft Fuels[F15]

2A675 Aircraft Hydraulics [F15]

2A676 Aircraft Electrical/Environmental [F15]

2A771 Metals Technology

2A772 Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)

2A773 Aircraft Structural Maintenance (“Sheet Metal”)

2P071 Precision Measurement Equipment Lab (PMEL)

2R071 Maintenance Management Analysis (“Analyst”)

2R171 Maintenance Management (“Scheduler”)

2S071 Supply Management

2W071 Munitions Systems (“Ammo”)

2W171 Aircraft Armament Systems (“Weapons”) [F15] [S]

- Positions marked [F15] require 5 years of F-15 experience

- All require 5 years of fighter (A-10, F-15, F-16, or F-22) experience

- Positions marked [S] require a Secret security clearance

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