ATLAS Academic & Simulator Instructors: F-16

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ATLAS Academic & Simulator Instructors: F-16

Position Summary:
The Aircrew Training; Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC); Academic; and Simulator (ATLAS) instructor will conduct academic training, to include Cockpit / Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Instrument Refresher Course (IRC) and simulator training to USAFE F-16 aircrew members. The F-16 ATLAS instructor will provide the full gamut of academic and simulator training to US Air Force F-16 pilots in support of the USAFE mission. Candidate will be a subject matter expert for all related instruction utilizing the the F-16 Unit Training Device (UTD), the experimental F-16 Deployable Tactical Trainer (DTT), and the four-ship F-16 Mission Trainer Center (MTC).

The selected candidate for this position will perform instruction duties outside the United States (OCONUS), at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany supporting the 52nd Operations Group (OG), or Aviano Air Base, Italy supporting the 401st Operations Group.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  • The ATLAS F-16 instructor shall provide academic and simulator instruction to allow F-16 aircrew to meet the performance standards of the 52nd OG/401st OG. Academic and simulator instruction shall use the applicable AFI 11-2F-16V1 materials; Operations Group supplement (flight training syllabus); and unit developed blocks of instruction. The instructor will develop, review and revise courseware for the teaching CRM and IRC. During simulator missions, the instructor shall perform simulator cockpit duties as flight members, participating in any flight position, in a simulator mission to support aircrew training objectives. Other support duties include Virtual Flag support; Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) support; Red Carpet tours; and engine run training.
  • Participates in USAF flight safety meetings, Squadron Weapons and Tactics (SWATT) and intelligence meetings, instructor and Continuation Training meetings and other forums mandated by the 52nd OG/401st OG or i3 management team.
  • May be required to serve on flight evaluation board or mishap (safety or accident) investigation boards.
  • Supports company recruiting and retention initiatives necessary to maintain the highest quality employees supporting this contract.
  • Supports business development initiatives if and when required by company management.
  • Performs any and all on-site tasks necessary at OCONUS location for a safe, secure, and professional operation.

Education & Experience:
  • Must be able to pass drug screenings.
  • Minimum of 5-years experience in the F-16, with a minimum of 500 flight hours.
  • Previous USAF Instructor (?K? prefix) in the F-16.
  • Be able to fly the simulator in the capacity of a 2 or 4-ship flight lead using current tactics and employment standards. ATLAS instructors will maintain ground training currency (IRC, CRM, etc.) and be physically qualified to perform these duties.
  • Completion of the Air Combat Command Classroom Instructor Course equivalent at any time prior to employment or within six months of employment.
  • Possess a current US pp, valid through period of employment.
  • Must write, read and speak English as primary language

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
  • Shall be able to perform to the completion standards of the A-10 Instructor Upgrade Training Course and the Classroom Instructor Course (CIC). The instructor shall have knowledge of all applicable Air Force Instructions (AFI), Air Force Manuals (AFM), Air Combat Command (ACC) publications and applicable USAF Technical Orders.
  • Shall have knowledge of Air Traffic Control procedures, tactical radio procedures
  • Have at least basic skills in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Must have or have the ability to qualify for a Department of Defense TOP SECRET security clearance.

Work Environment & Physical Demands:
  • Light to medium work. Ability to lift, carry, push, pull, see, hear, stoop, crouch, feel, handle; manual dexterity.
  • Outside work. Ability to tolerate inclement weather including rain, humidity, cold, heat. May be exposed to dust, fumes, odors, chemicals, and confined spaces.
  • Close, distance, color and peripheral vision and depth perception.
  • Ability to read and comprehend technical manuals and instructions; procedures, safety instructions, memos, reports. Ability to write at a level to relay data, details and information. Ability to perform shop math. Ability to speak clearly and concisely to relay information.

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