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A 5 level qualified enough?

Unread postPosted: 04 Apr 2011, 19:15
by westfallen

I'm a 4 year 5 level Phase Crew Chief on terminal leave for another week. Is there any of you out there having trouble finding work? I'm getting crazy frustrated with the amount of rejections (3 to 4 dozen). I'm not here to beg anyone for a job...just want to bounce around some ideas for a bit of inspiration. Thanks for your comments!


RE: A 5 level qualified enough?

Unread postPosted: 05 Apr 2011, 01:02
by Davis83
your location shows as South Korea - so you are on terminal leave and looking for a job in Korea?

RE: A 5 level qualified enough?

Unread postPosted: 05 Apr 2011, 01:46
by 03fomoco
Times are rough are you just "anti military now" if not GUARD GUARD GUARD, or Reserves.

5 Level

Unread postPosted: 05 Apr 2011, 02:16
by mc5wes
Unfortunately, rejections are the way of the world. In some way you are lucky. Most company's don't reply at all.

With only 4 years of experience. Your looking at a tough time. Do you have a Airframe Power plant or FCC license? You have make yourself as marketable as possible.

If I was starting over. I would decide where I wanted to live. Then while you still a have an ID card. Go visit the local Air Guard or Reserve base. Talk to the MXS chief. And join the unit as a traditional reservist doing one weekend a month.

Then go back to school using your GI bill benefits. With the new 911 GI bill money. They give you BAH money while you go to school. And you can make some money doing mandays.

With your Reservist benefit's you also can get cheap medical and dental insurance. Also you have the chance to retrain. The reserve will pay for your tech school. Just like you were on Active Duty.

Since your already a Crew Chief. Tell the chief you would like to be avionics or electrician. Don't listen to the recruiter. They will always tell you they only have openings in Security or Services. Just give them your contact information. And tell them you will wait.

If you have any other questions. Drop me a line.

Good Luck

RE: 5 Level

Unread postPosted: 06 Apr 2011, 04:39
by Shortcut
Have you tried military contracts? Try ... ation-Jobs

RE: 5 Level

Unread postPosted: 06 Apr 2011, 04:41
by rgeary15
Try USAJOBS as I PM you....


Unread postPosted: 06 Apr 2011, 22:02
by mc5wes
Unfortunately, almost all of the DOD and the rest of the Government is under a hiring freeze.

RE: Employment

Unread postPosted: 06 Apr 2011, 22:36
by westfallen
Thanks guys for all the insight. A few of you had some suggestions I'll be looking into after finishing this post.

My location says South Korea (Osan), but I'm in Wisconsin right now on terminal leave. I'll update it.

I didn't really explain my situation since it didn't really seem relevant until all the suggestions for guard or reserve. My wife is from Australia, and we got a ridiculously great deal a few years ago on a nice chunk of land. Now that our house is done, I've been looking for jobs over there, or something in the states (or anywhere else, for that matter), from which I'll be able to transfer down under sometime in the next few years. Because of this, I ruled out guard and reserve some time ago. Now, it looks like I may have to stick around longer, and maybe even have to do prior enlistment next year. Ah well, we'll see. Thanks again fellas.

RE: Employment

Unread postPosted: 16 Jun 2011, 16:22
by msteckley
There may be opportunities down the road for 5 levels supporting the RSAF F-15 program on 12 months contracts in Saudi Arabia. They are only accepting 7 levels for now, but things may change down the road.
Go to the following link for descriptions of the 100+ positions we are accepting resumes for: ... /saudi/f15

You can also e-mail me at:

Good luck Westfallen

RE: Employment

Unread postPosted: 17 Jun 2011, 06:51
by launcherman
Go specifically to some aerospace company web pages. Such as ... litary.asp

If you need the job take what you can get then work up from inside.