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Hey guys, I'm a Journeyman F-16 Integrated Avionics Tech with 6 years of experience. My enlistment is up in early April and I'm trying to get a feel for gov't contract openings as well as international opportunities such as working for the Dutch or Australian Defence. I made Staff this cycle but I won't have my 7 lvl or have sewed it on by the time I start terminal. I am definitely open to the thought of working on the F-22 or UAVs as well.

It would be pretty awesome to move back to Europe and fix jets. My first base was Spangdahlem and it was a blast. Any information would be greatly appreciated.





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Just my quick background, six years F-16, three years Corporate Aviation including aircraft repossession. Here are a few sites who have replied to my resumes.


You can also check with Duncan aviation- A gentleman (Duncan Aviation-Chicago) who worked with us at my last job was a wealth of knowledge when it came to Avionic's. Duncan Aviation in Lincoln Nebraska is a very clean and organized work place. A lot of staff are former military as well. I use to travel with the Hawker 700 I used to manage to Duncan. The team of mechanics I worked with were a great group of guys and praised the family aspect of their work place.

Most of these contractors and employers do want you to hold some type of Certificate from the FAA. When I discharged from the Air Force I Immediately acquired my Airframe and Powerplant License. You may want to consider getting your FAA Civilian Certificate in Avionics. I am unsure of what exactly which one you would be able to get.. Just do some research on www.FAA.gov

Also, do not sell your self short, check out the job listings on FAA.gov, I have always noticed an abundance of Avionics Inspector listings. General Avionic Inspectors can easily start out as GS-11's. I am currently applying for a General Aviation Inspector- It is a lot of work with your resumes. Make sure you take time and look at everything, research as much as you would like. The more civilian experience you acquire after the Air Force makes yourself in High Demand. I was fortunate to walk into a great situation when I separated, the environment was not great but I stuck with it because of the knowledge and experience I had gained.

Good Luck Brother-

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