Thinking of applying for Saudi Arabia F-15 contract

Unread postPosted: 29 Oct 2010, 07:30
by geaux2222
Hi, im thinking of applying to get on in Saudi Arabia F-15 contract. Does anyone know what i should expect to get for an offer? Im a Crew Chief with 10 years experience. Also, do they pay for insurance and all that good stuff to? Thank you

Unread postPosted: 29 Oct 2010, 15:32
by vernick69
I recently got offered a job in Saudi too. I got about 7 years experience and I talked to the hiring official about all the details. When it is all said and done, make sure you have as much proof of your 7-lvl and training as possible because this will promote you. The tours are usually a full year with a month break.

Unread postPosted: 29 Oct 2010, 17:10
by geaux2222
Yes, i have all my paper training certificates and DD214 with honorable discharge. What kind of pay and benefits are they offering? Is this with Al-Salam or AEC or who?

Unread postPosted: 03 Nov 2010, 19:14
by saudscks
The difference in pay over here from 1 year exp to 20 years is the same. The 7-level promotion statement is not true. The new company starting here is ALSALAM aircraft and the pay is down 20 percent. Any thing good you have heard just ask and i will give you the truth.

Unread postPosted: 04 Nov 2010, 00:28
by cheez_1
so what kind of pay on an average is someone with 7 years exp and a 7 level...what should i ask for???

Unread postPosted: 12 Nov 2010, 18:46
by saudscks
With the new company you will be lucky to get 45k!!!!

Unread postPosted: 15 Nov 2010, 15:31
by 0311
Why would someone Not want to come to saudi.
Well listen and READ this very carefully
1. No IL Incentive Leave money

WE USED To have half way decient benefits but that is no longer the case. They are talking more and more away.

The company is gonna get alot of bad people coming in like AEC did They will get the WORST OF THE WORST
Because they cannot get anyone else to come over to here.

One QUICk Note IF You are smart dont come until pay and benefits improve.

PAKISTANI's are more than WECOME to Come cause that is all they are gonna to get.


Unread postPosted: 16 Nov 2010, 04:54
by MakoWes
There are plenty of jobs in the giant kitty litter box. Just go over to

Apply for everything. And see what they offer. The good ones will take longer to get. But are worth the wait.

Or you can wait for Boeing to start hiring for all the new equipment they are going to be selling in a couple of years. Till then get a job working for DOD contractor.

RE: Saudi

Unread postPosted: 18 Nov 2010, 07:43
by 0311
Another major problem with al salam is the taa holder atti . They are the biggest crooks thieves since the somali pirates !

These pirates Rod Massey and his pirates are stealing money from the employees salaries calling it transactions fees. Which is another words taking money from the workers paychecks to pay for their own salaries....

These people are professional crooks they know it. They will smile and lie to you ... They are lower than scum these pirates crooks ect........

F15 Jobs Saudi Arabia

Unread postPosted: 18 Nov 2010, 11:30
by gumby54
Stay away from Saudi and Al Salam it is true what they about the company and remember this name Rod Massey this is the number 1 Somali Pirate w/o a boat who will make things happen in his favor. The only people that will be working here will be WIGGERS and MUJH wantabes good luck, for single status personnel you will be living at Jzala II compound in Dammam with the Brits and families will be at Jzala I in Khobar. Oh yes if you are single you'll have a roommate no ways about it the last time I had a roommate was at Nellis when I was a A1C. To tell you the truth I value my privacy and don't like the idea of sharing my stuff or living with a Wigger or Hommie and a PIG who doesn't clean up after himself. Trust me guys stay clear of Saudi it is only getting worse.[/b]

Unread postPosted: 18 Nov 2010, 17:00
by saudscks
0311, i hear that all pay for this contract, bonus's etc will be paid the last week in December. Who gave you the info on the 15th of Jan??

Unread postPosted: 19 Nov 2010, 11:47
by 0311
Notice in any apply for AL SALAM I recommend you live out of a suitcase travel light cause you will not want to stay here for a long period of time. It is Not WORTH YOUR TIME AND EFFORT....

THE COMPANY AL SALAM do'nt CARE About YOU and even a lot of the SAUDI's

They will say something to the effect " YOU WANNA GO WELL JUST GO "

You are just better off working somewhere else where you are appreciated and valued.

Unread postPosted: 20 Nov 2010, 01:53
by F31CrewDawg
Oh no--now I'm worried. You mean if you are at Daharan, you live at Dammam. No more Jadawel compound. Quick---scene cut to Planes train and automobiles-----last room in the complex---you mean sh sh share. Thats unreal!

Unread postPosted: 03 Dec 2010, 11:50
by 0311
There is no good compound security at the locations that AL SALAM wants to move its employees.

IT is well within RPG Range the company knows this and I suppose this is the fastest way for AL SALAM to increase

SAUDIZATION... The Oxygen Thieves

Time to start cutting the pay from Those Top DOG Managers in Riyadh Then that would be fair.

Unread postPosted: 03 Dec 2010, 14:07
by bud345
The latest info on Jadawel City is that the RSAF has paid for it up to 2015. Only Alsalam employees are required to move to the unsecure/radiated (':oops:')compounds sometime in Mar 2011. RGTS and Parts employees will be staying. The AEC employees that bent over and decided to allow Alsalam to stick it to them and accepted a 20% pay cut with only 500SR per month/per person to make up for the loss of HL/IL, no storage reimbursement, no ticket home, no household goods shipping, lose 30% of your pay when you go on vacation, singles will have roommates, and have to pay for your VISAs. Employees that have several dependents will doing quite well, while the singles will be getting the shaft. (':x') There are about 30-40 AEC employees pulling the plug-in, but good luck trying to get a job back in the USA. Everyone is leaving from the Lantirn shop. There will be a LM Field Engineer coming in Jan for Sniper support, but he knows nothing about station/pod maintenance. So, the greedy Alsalam corporate baturds really did a number on a contract that was once very good for people who wanted to save money. Now they have all the money. PLEASE STAY AWAY. THERE ARE BETTER JOBS ELSEWHERE AND YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR FREEDOM.

Unread postPosted: 05 Dec 2010, 09:12
by F31CrewDawg
Hey you guys seem pretty much up on it....I've been offered a tentative position at Khamis. Is the compound situation the same there? I guess Alsalam is alsalam no matter where you are. You really are painting a nightmarish scenario. I appreciate any lite you can shed on the situation.

Unread postPosted: 05 Dec 2010, 15:48
by saudscks
No roomates at Khamis and you will be staying at the same compound at nassim where we stayed with AEC. Compound isn't bad, as for the contract pay, bonuses, tickets, etc it sucks. What slot are you taking?

Unread postPosted: 05 Dec 2010, 15:51
by 0311
I highly recommend you stay away from al salam unless you are a raghead if you get what i am trying to say. They want saudization and thats what they are pushing for. Look for a job in saudi with anyone else but Al Salam

any compound with al salam is the slums.... The projects are in better shap

Thinking of applying for Saudi Arabia F-15 contract

Unread postPosted: 06 Dec 2010, 06:06
by worldrocker
Greetings gents, I am against all the off-putting stuff said about living and working in Saudi Arabia and specially with the Ministery of Defence and Aviation! It is not true that AlSalam is treating its employees in unfair manner? Why then in one project AlSalam Aircraft Company has more than 240 Aircraft Technicians? The government of Saudi Arabia forbid these acts and no way will allow these things to happen! in fact this country looks after expatriates very well.

Saudi Arabia

Unread postPosted: 06 Dec 2010, 07:28
by MakoWes
You mean like the way this Expat was taken care of? ... 95292.html

Even if the Goverment doesnt allow it. Doesnt mean it not going to happen. As someone who has worked for the RSAF in At Taif. Mistreatment happens. Be it money or worse.

Unread postPosted: 06 Dec 2010, 13:56
by 0311
To Worldrocker,

You were definitely not here when these so called people were jumping up and down with joy in their eyes when people were shown jumping out of the World Trade Center Towers. As far as MODA is concerned they are ONLY concerned when the squadrons sortie rate falls short.

Soon a high number of these planes will be broke come summer....And MODA will be scratching their backside trying to figure out whats wrong…Its Al Salam they didn’t take care of their employees they just didn’t GIVE A HOOT !!! So the majority left.. And that’s what is about to happen… AL SALAM only takes care of the SUCK A$$es

Unread postPosted: 17 Dec 2010, 03:23
by F31CrewDawg
Greetings all, anyone know what their flying at Tabuk. I heard it was Cs and Ds. Is that place on the up and up.

Unread postPosted: 23 Dec 2010, 14:22
by jim@tsi
I have a one year contract in Saudi available. Must be able to do F-110 teardowns, not a borescope job, but full teardowns.

Recent experience, write me with your phone number!

Tear down and build up

Pays $30 hr, $30 for OT
Per diem is $350/wk

if you worked a 50 hour week at $30 an hour + $50 a day per-diem:
50 x $30/hr = $1500 a week
1500 x 52 weeks = $78,000 a year
$78,000 + ( $350/wk * 52 weeks) = $96,200 a year
That is only 50 hours a week.

Housing provided, transportation, flight over paid for

No tools required

MUST have pp and be ready to leave in a VERY short time!

Unread postPosted: 23 Dec 2010, 23:21
by That_Engine_Guy
My comments on this topic here: ... 536#187536

Keep it professional and polite boys; makes for a better debate.

(Been to KSA too during Desert Shield/Storm, and Provide Relief and won't go back... regardless of the $$s)

Unread postPosted: 24 Dec 2010, 02:31
by fiskerwad
Darn, TEG!
Just when I thought I was going to get to see a good Marine barfight?

Unread postPosted: 24 Dec 2010, 17:06
by 0311
UNLESS you have had the lucky experience as I had of being and working in Saudi STAY AWAY UNLESS you get paid six figures plus, have a Multiple VISA to go to Bahrain if you get lucky enough to be at Dhaharn.

For those who wont listen go to ask for Mark to tell you all about Saudi.

Unread postPosted: 27 Dec 2010, 05:45
by geogen
IMHO, relax guys. Everyone, virtually every company is on a budget going forward. The 'greedy bastard' whining just won't cut it anymore folks, sorry. Not in France, nor in Germany. Everyone is going to take hits going forward, with the POSSIBLE exception of US public school union workers, oops, even that is now unavoidable. Is this saying that working conditions should never be challenged or protested, of course not.

Point is... even China is preparing citizens for inflation and 'cutting back'. Time to man up, face facts and work with the reality of the world. God save us..

Now if one has a partiuclar personal problem with adjusting the American ways and culture, then look elsewhere for a job when looking abroad and if one has a particular problem and issue with adjusting to a foreign system of culture and ways, e.g., Saudi, then apply elsewhere. Simple as that. But let's grow up people and keep things a bit more in control. That is all. Respects and God speed-

Unread postPosted: 27 Dec 2010, 15:31
by ddjaxn
It appears to me that we have a lot of spoiled wrench turners out there that are high on themselves. I have been active duty for over 30 years and 3 AFSC’s and would love an opportunity and challenge no matter who I work for. The bottom line is, are you good enough to take the challenge and make changes. If not I hear the Mc D’s needs people. Good luck to the ones that are ready and good riddance to those that are not.

Unread postPosted: 27 Dec 2010, 15:43
by 0311
SO you completed over 30 years of service very good.. So I dont beleive you turn wrenches any more.

Unless you have been divorced and you are on your second or third wife.

Usually CMSGT's normally Do Not have a long lifespan. Normally the ones that get out and have a job become Tech Reps Through the Good Ole Boy Connection.

Just because you have 3 AFSC's doesnt make a person an expert.. Hell You could have been a cop, a pencil pusher in the office and maybe a wrench turner for a limited time.

Unless you have been in Saudi working as a contractor you have NO IDEA of what it is like.

Unread postPosted: 27 Dec 2010, 16:02
by ddjaxn
0311 you know nothing about me as I know alot about you. I never claimed to be an expert, as a matter of fact I have never met a real expert only those person's who think they are. I would rather have someone willing to learn than someone that claims to be an the way I'm still in at the request of the AF. and YOU?

Unread postPosted: 28 Dec 2010, 03:46
by geogen
Sounds like some fairly reasonable and balanced words of wisdom, ddj. Thanks for sharing your perspective which can be applied across the board and makes for good leadership in general. There will always be those who take things a step further than needed - when seeing things 1 mil outside their comfort zone... And unfortunately, some will always reveal a bit more opinion than is proper on a particular thread, imho.

Thanks for your service.

Unread postPosted: 28 Dec 2010, 17:55
by 0311
The point I am making is about all the pitfalls of working in Saudi Arabia..

Now Working in Duluth Mn a guard base civil service you usually need to know someone that can slip you in the door if you are retired military.I have personal seen that happen and it really sucks.
You rarely see someone with 30 years of service turning wrenches unless that screwed up somewhere.

But I am not gonna pick o nthis man for his efforts I applaud him for his efforts. He was a lucky one.

As for me I am still in UAE with Lockheed Martin and Believe me it is better than Saudi and it IS AN American Company that you are working for. If you go to Saudi ONLY go their working for an American Company.

Otherwise be prepared to be screwed over.

That's enough for now.

Unread postPosted: 29 Dec 2010, 13:49
by splitz
I would like to chime in. I know 2 individuals in Khamis that are not renewing their contract and having AEC ship their crap back home. Both individuals had worked in the Kingdom since at least 1985 and were smart by saving their money for the last decade.

Remember, every good thing has to come to an end, and RSAF for the last 2 years at least, was trying to get the enlisted folks to stop depending on the ex-pats to maintain their jets. Well, it took how long?

I was in Khamis from Mar 09-Mar-10 it wasn't really that bad of a gig with AEC, I has ZERO problems, and I was making $55k as a non-7 level. But with the contract change over, ASA really have fucked the TSP program up. If I was everybody, I would shy away from it at this point. Let the RSAF fail, then they will realize that they fucked up then they will need more people and offer more $ if the economy improves in the US.

Good luck all.


Unread postPosted: 29 Dec 2010, 20:23
by mc5wes
This the standard operating procedure for the RSAF. It was like that in At Taif on the Bell 212 helicopters.

Once all the planes are grounded because the RSAF mechanics order a whole new wing to fix a bad wing tip light bulb. Then Boeing will be called.

RE: Saudi

Unread postPosted: 01 Jan 2011, 19:07
by 0311
I hear old AL SALAM is micro managing the Site Managers ... the Site Managers have no say or input.

A friend of mine that is still there told me they gave out the insurance cards to their employees but no one has the slightest idea on what is covered.
He thinks it might be as bad as AEC gave them and that was BUPA the bottom grade for TCN's....

AL SALAM just tells their employees its good insurance that you have... but AEC sang the same song when I was there saying the same old BS looks like AL SALAM will do the same.

RE: Saudi

Unread postPosted: 04 Jan 2011, 17:01
by F31CrewDawg
Seriously can anyone shed a little lite on Tabuk. What type of aircraft, living conditions etc.

RE: Saudi

Unread postPosted: 04 Jan 2011, 19:15
by JetTest
I think right now they are still -220 F15's. Small town, no idea of expat housing.

RE: Saudi

Unread postPosted: 13 Jan 2011, 02:57
by F31CrewDawg
Is anyone here familiar with conditions at Taif. Ive heard that Al Gaim is a pretty decent compound

Unread postPosted: 26 Jan 2011, 19:07
by os7
Climbing back on the aircraft as a technician is big change from sitting at a desk drinking coffee and talking epr's and passing PT. You must commit to returning to work, not a position, and higher ranking NCO's have quite a problem with maintenance as they age. Just food for thought. I was in Saudi back with McDonnell Douglas in the 80’s and sitting back reading the forums I have noticed nothing has changed. The complaints are all but too familiar. We left when the RSAF starting cutting back on amenities. The final straw the RSAF cut the power in the afternoon’s (hottest part of the day) while our wives and children were sitting at home… that is the maintenance personnel wives and children. The General Manager and subordinates homes were left untouched. If you have not been in Saudi during the summer months with no A/C then you haven’t lived. Maintenance personnel are used to hardships (or should be) but if you have a contract and in that contract it stipulates that homes will be air conditioned then live up to the written word. There was a mass exodus during this time and we had a very competent, quality workforce. Those that came on board during our exit were in dire straits for work and had to deal with having no medical support personnel… that’s correct. No medical personnel to attend to you or your family, you were on your own. If you or a family member became ill then you could always try the downtown Saudi medical hospital. While waiting for our 90 day notice to expire so we could exit sand land, they (the new company) lost a new employee (retired chief) to a bleeding ulcer. Poor b@stard went to get assistance from the Doc and PA on the A3 compound that evening and had to be turned away. Died that night. He was found the next morning. The clinic personnel felt awful and of course were disgusted. They in turn left shortly after that… more stories to tell if anyone is interested.

Unread postPosted: 27 Jan 2011, 16:07
by F31CrewDawg
Hey os7. Alot you say may be true. But I did a 1 year stint at Dahahran, it wasn't that bad, but that was 4 years ago and alot has changed. Now being offered slot at TAIF, but with a whole shiite load of conditions. Man I dont know what to do. Never had probs with medical or A/C. Now these hiring folks want letters of committment saying if you do not deploy you will have to pony up some dough. Man its rough, just sharing. Can you shed any lite on TAIF??

Unread postPosted: 27 Jan 2011, 19:20
by os7
Same sh*t was going down at all the bases when I was there but that was some 25 years+ past. I was at Taif for a bit and it and Khamis were the better places to be if one was to stay in Kingdom. Pay back funds if you don't deploy? Things have changed now haven't they... I can tell you that I was considering, last year, of returning to the sand box and received an email from the following Parts Inc. Here is my post from 09' "The latest and greatest contract is picked up by a company called Parts Inc., located out of Atlanta. Employees salaries will be paid in American Dollars, forward to your checking out in a American Bank of your choice. Supposedly, this program (3yr contract) will mirror Peace Hawk(F-5) and Peace Sun(F-15). That's all I know for now."
Wish I could be of more assistance.

Unread postPosted: 28 Jan 2011, 18:13
by F31CrewDawg
OS7 you have been of assistance. I guess it boils down to how bad one needs the money.

Unread postPosted: 08 Feb 2011, 06:15
by barbarossa43
TO ALL YOU FORMER AND PRESENT ALSALAM EMPLOYEES SHOULD YOU WISH TO DISCUSS YOUR DESIRE FOR A PAY RAISE OR INCREASE OF BENEFITS UNDER YOUR CURRENT CONTRACT CALL HIM PERSONALLY EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER BUSINESS HOURS. THE REQUEST WILL BE CONSIDERED ON A CASE BY CASE PERSONAL BASIS. MR. WAYNE KAPLAR, ALSALAM AIRCRAFT COMPANY, CFO, COO, may be reached personally at ARIZONA COMPOUND, Riyadh, KSA at his private residence telephone number +966-1-248-4444 ext 174 after business hours and before business hours or come by and visit him personnally at Villa 174, ARIZONA COMPOUND at the same time frame. He relates that he will be more than HAPPY to meet with or receive calls anytime from anyone who personally wish to discuss any perceived dicrepancies that you may have as a ALSALAM AIRCRAFT COMPANY EMPLOYEE.

Unread postPosted: 27 Feb 2011, 01:40
by saudscks
Anyone have any info on Tabuk? Living conditions etc would be great!!!!

Unread postPosted: 28 Feb 2011, 14:44
by os7
for Thomas Prestwood, food for thought.

"Past experience shows a company makes six figures per year, per employee (then McDonnell Douglas) made $125K per sign-on. Flight line employees were paid, and I'm talking strictly APG now, $50K, that included housing, and transportation to and from work, house hold storage in a environmentally controlled facility (stateside), medical, (unless you were retired military), and dental. The employee paid for food (wife, kids if he had any) plus, you paid for your private vehicle, if you elected to purchase one. You could take the shuttle to and from work and downtown to do shopping (there's your transportation). Remember kids, there is the good ol' boy factor working in each and every one of these overseas assignments, so be forewarned. Mind you, the above is some 25 years past, but as you cruise through the net you will find nothing has changed except the name of the companies that hold the present contract. The housing and compounds are quite adequate and safe, but you will be living and working with the same people EVERY day. Again, this is some 20 years past; retirees had a loathing for the "Air Force 4 year dropouts" although the dropouts performed all the manual labor. Keep your personal business to yourself and be careful who you decide to befriend. People can and will use anything you share with them against you. One last note, take home pay was $36K tax free.

Unread postPosted: 28 Feb 2011, 15:55
by F31CrewDawg
Yeah OS7 you pretty much laid it on the line. What they are doing now, the company that is, they are using Civil service ART pay scales. You are being paid close to that figure. I know that because my brother is a ART. Its still not too bad compared I suppose. Anyway thanks for you insight. Hey one more, do you know anything about Al Taif??

Unread postPosted: 28 Feb 2011, 17:13
by os7
thomasprestwood wrote:Yeah OS7 you pretty much laid it on the line. What they are doing now, the company that is, they are using Civil service ART pay scales. You are being paid close to that figure. I know that because my brother is a ART. Its still not too bad compared I suppose. Anyway thanks for you insight. Hey one more, do you know anything about Al Taif??

Spent some time at Taif and I can tell you it's not that bad. Weather wise it was similar to Khamis, diving the wall is incredible, and Jeddah is just a drive down the mountain. Remember there was a mall (probably more than one now) in Jeddah. As far as the base goes it depends on what company is in charge of the present contract. I'd take Khamis or Taif but would scrap Dhahran or Riyadh if given the choice.

Unread postPosted: 01 Mar 2011, 23:47
by F31CrewDawg
Sounds good OS7. Only wild card would be a major demo int the kingdom. It does seem to be spreading. How would you quantify that situation, would the kingdom be safe. I know thats a serious quesion/. Sorry to put u on he spot 7 you seem to be very resourceful.

Unread postPosted: 02 Mar 2011, 14:18
by os7
Can you clarify the above"Major dem int the kingom"...? Not sure what you're asking.

Unread postPosted: 02 Mar 2011, 16:11
by F31CrewDawg
Yeah OS7. Of course I mean a major demonstration and uprising like we're seeing in other mid east and neighboring countries. Could get pretty hairy I imagine.

Unread postPosted: 02 Mar 2011, 17:28
by os7
Understood. First, see below. This is a post from page 3 of this forum.

"I would like to chime in. I know 2 individuals in Khamis that are not renewing their contract and having AEC ship their crap back home. Both individuals had worked in the Kingdom since at least 1985 and were smart by saving their money for the last decade." (Read between the lines)

A URL that deserves reading the "fine print" ... id=topnews

"King Abdullah, has announced new economic assistance to the population, possibly to preempt any unrest."

March 11 should be a precursor to things to come...

From all the above, it does seems likely that there will be uprisings, protests, etc. A few years before I arrived in Kingdom, back in the late 70s (I believe), there was an attempted coup against the Saudi monarchy and it was handled with violence from the military. From what I was told there were hundreds slaughtered, maybe more. The monarchy stayed in power and went back to "hand chopping" and "wife beatings" as usual. But I’m getting off track. The safest places to be stationed, I believe, if it hits the fan, are Khamis and Taif. Mind you, this is just my humble opinion. Geographically, those two bases are a bit more secluded from the main cities allowing, I feel, easier exit paths than Dhahran and Riyadh. Those two cities being so close to the Persian Gulf and Iran being across the pond would be more of a threat to the expats and their families. I would not under any circumstances bring my family, including pets, as the Saudi’s are known for their anger, hatred, and torture on animals… many expats do end up bringing pets, but you need to be able to leave everything at a moments notice and get on a plane, boat, camel, whatever it takes to leave safely. Please don’t forget that Arabs visit this site constantly and some are posting under an alias. Food for thought. I wish I could give you more insight but I have been out of pocket for many years. A small group of us had an alternative plan to exit the country should our main exit vehicle (C-130) be compromised.


Unread postPosted: 03 Mar 2011, 10:09
by megous
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RE: reply

Unread postPosted: 03 Mar 2011, 17:42
by F31CrewDawg
Yeah OS7 the Washington Post article is a good read, but it sorta mirrors something I read in the Economist. Except for the names and a few of the places that could be the USA. It sounds like to me the Kingdom is probably one of the safetest places in the world to be. But still I don't know why u would consider Taif and Khamis to be the safest. Yeah there's a lot of issues out there. During the cold war it was all about the Bear. Now it seems that a permanent shift has occured and its centered in the mid east. Decisions decisions. what to do. No gr8 jobs here so u go there, but its a risk. Cheers and have a good one.

RE: reply

Unread postPosted: 03 Mar 2011, 18:06
by os7
Do the same, good luck.

Unread postPosted: 23 Apr 2011, 13:50
by shutemup
It ain't all that bad, then again I was never under the old contract. It's okay, just not going to get rich.