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Civilian Announcement Notification System (CANS)

Unread postPosted: 11 Aug 2004, 21:07
by Lieven
Civilian Announcement Notification System (CANS):

Air Force systems is making job search easier for civilians. Job seekers no longer have to look for civilian Air Force job vacancies on their own once they register in the Civilian Announcement Notification System (CANS).

Anyone with a valid e-mail address interested in seeking employment at Air Force installations serviced by AFPC at Randolph AFB TX throughout the Air Force is eligible to sign-on, including military members close to retiring or separating. After registering, the individual will automatically receive a list of new AF civilian job announcements structured to match their specific search criteria.

Subscription for CANS service is free and available by clicking <a href="">here</a>. To register, select subscribe and log on. The system is very user-friendly. Once you?re logged on, the system will take you through the process step by step. All you need to do is list your specific job criteria, such as occupational series, pay plan, grade combinations and duty location. CANS does the rest. Search criteria entered into the system expires after 180 days. However, the information can be changed at any time, initiating another 180-day cycle.

URL: ... efault.asp