Job opening: F-16 IP @ Randolph AFB, for Syllabus Management

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Unread post09 Jul 2004, 07:21

Position Title: F-16 Syllabus Management
Location: Randolph AFB
State: Texas

Position Description
  1. Identify incorrect information and participate in development of changes and produce formal updates to F-16 syllabus.
  2. Staff and coordinate F-16 syllabus for approval daily.
  3. Perform periodic reviews of F-16 syllabuses(bi-annually for each syllabus).
  4. Develop briefing materials and produce minutes for annual syllabus conference.
  5. Produce new syllabus to meet USAF F-16 needs (estimate - 1 per year)
  6. Develop and present briefings on F-16 syllabus issues (estimate - 1 per month)
  7. Prepare and provide a monthly syllabus status report that identifies efforts and estimated completion dates, problem areas and proposed solutions by the 15th of each month beginning the 2nd month after award.
  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience as a USAF F-16 fighter pilot (Recent experience desired)
  • Have F-16 Formal Training Unit (FTU) Instructor experience
  • Have staff experience at Numbered Air Force (NAF) or MAJCOM level
  • Have working knowledge of Instructional Systems Development (ISD)
Additional Information:
:arrow: All applicants can send an email to
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Unread post09 Jul 2004, 16:08

With the announcement in the Air Force Times about the USAF wanting to retire 600 "older" F-16s, mainly from the Air National Guard, you may need to start a "Help Wanted", or "Employment Wanted" forum.

Lots of experience in those units. Some people with 10, or 20+ Viper years under their belts!

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Unread post21 Sep 2004, 22:46

Just received word that this job is STILL OPEN (September 21st)

Contact details: see first post.

Stefaan Vanhastel Webmaster.

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