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Open date 9 Aug 2019- Close date 23 Aug 2019
The 149th FW has 1 Crew Chief Job Vacancy. There are more coming down the pipeline, just awaiting processing.
We are in need of WG-12 Crew Chiefs. We have converted several positions to AGRs, but for now these are WG-12 Technician positions with a possible future change to AGR. I cannot promise anyone AGR as we do not know what position numbers get changed over to AGR.
AFSC: 2A3XX, 2A5XX, 2A5X2, 2A5X4, 2A6XX, 2A8X1, 2A8X2C, 2A8X1E, 2A8X2E
Military Grades: E1 (A1C) NTE E6 (TSgt)
Some jobs that will be coming out will be trainees accepted as well.
We have a total of 10 vacancies as of today, but they are not all out on USAJOBS yet.
We are in need of any Fighter Crew Chiefs that want to live in San Antonio, TX. Any AFSC listed above would be an awesome thing to have.
If you are in Active Duty and want to get out and work 4 days a week 10 hour shift, this might be the place for you. I came from Active Duty myself and know the experiences you are having currently with the workload.
We are a training unit and we do not deploy. Our yearly deployment is usually to Phoenix for 2 weeks, last year we went to Mountain Home.
I the past we have gone to other countries i.e. Chile, Brazil, Czech Republic, etc...Just for international training.

My contact info is:
personal email
work email
Please contact me if you need any further information.

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