Moody quest....looking for Ricky Bardwell

Search for former friends and colleagues from the military or defense industry, announce a reunion, ...
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Unread post26 Jan 2008, 10:07

DCC on 89 balls 5 when it was the wing flagship, 1999 - 2000ish time frame looks like.

Anybody? :shrug:
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The last time I saw Ricky was TDY at Nellis from Cannon. That was last year dont know where he went since the 522 closed.
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I am replying to looking for Ricky Bardwell, My name is Mark Gladden and I am a crew chief from McEntire Air National Gaurd Base in S.C. We had an active duty Flight chief get stationed here for several years by that name. He got orders about a year and a hlf ago to Korea and after that got stationed at Shaw AFB in Sumpter SC were he is the Phase dock chief currently. Hope this will help you and he also is listed on Facebook.

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