Searching for Bret Alexander

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by leslie27
I hope it is okay that I am using this site for this...
My name is Leslie and I am searching for a man named Bret Alexander who was an A1C/SSgt crew chief at Ramstein Air Base in 1987/1988. While searching for him online I came across a forum with his name dated in 2007 by AfterburnerDecalsScott. Here is the URL link that I found, memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=5178
I am hoping someone could point me in the direction to how to contact him. Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you so much!

Re: Searching for Bret Alexander

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by leslie27
Website didn't copy right on what I found, but here is a copy and paste section of forum...

PostWed Aug 29, 2007 12:12 am
I was looking for some guys in both units in the '88-'89 time usual, I have a bunch of disjointed reference pictures that I'm trying to tie together with people....usual suspects....COs jet, and a few line jets.

I'm pretty sure of the '88 526th COs jet...85-1426...Lt. Col. Tommy Hodges, SSgt Bret Alexander, A1C John Berlan.....I have some better shots of 85-470 from '89....I think...Lt Col Brady is on the rail....looking for the DCC, and anybody else from either unit from that period who might have good info on their jet.

I have GREAT stuff from '87....512th COs jet was 85-412, Lt Col Tom Fleming, Harry Boyce and Tom Gifford. Also 85-1426 from '87....Lt Col. Don Ratly (?) Charles Tippy or Gippy (?) and Bret Alexander as an A1C. I'd like to include the '88 or '89 jets because of the different tail flashes.

For '88, the 512th CO is Fleming or Brady?

The rest of my RS stuff is post Gulf War.

Feel free to ping me direct so this solemn thread doesn't get hijacked further.

Thanks fellas!
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Re: Searching for Bret Alexander

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by AfterburnerDecalsScott
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