Hello - Cullen from Connecticut

Let us know what your connection is with the aircraft, tell us where you're from and what you like!
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Hey! I suppose introducing yourself before posting is a thing here, so I might as well do it!

I'm a 15 year old aviation fan from Connecticut who has dreamt about flying fighters with the USAF since I was 8. Being at the stick of the F-16 is just about the coolest job I can think of, and I am working towards it. I plan to apply and attend the Air Force Academy (If I'm lucky) or attend Embry-Riddle and join AFROTC. There I hope to move on to UPT, and hopefully, on to the Viper or any other fighter that there is an opening for.

I know my story isn't the most interesting or exciting, but I look forward to conversing with the community. Also, many thanks to Lieven for getting my account troubles sorted out!

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Hi Cullen, welcome to the forum. Glad you made it here.

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