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Hoodeehoo there neighbors!

Unread postPosted: 14 Oct 2012, 23:05
by gerhard01
Hi all,

I'm John from coastal Georgia (the state, not the country!). New to the forums (1 post so far), but I've been a big fan of this site for the past few years.

I'm no Viper driver, crew chief, or engineer, just a 24 year old recent college grad who's been obsessed with anything that can take to the skies ever since I was about 3. I was the kid who carried around books about this stuff everywhere he went, poring over all the finest details of technology I didn't really understand but still loved. Simply put, I have no professional credentials, but I always want to know more, and I love hearing the stories from the guys/gals who have actually been there and done that!

So please forgive me when my ignorance shows through! As far as my relationship to the F-16, well that will probably make most of you laugh and roll your eyes. My mother worked at Robins AFB back in the 80s, and her father was an aircraft mechanic there until '91 (mostly working on F-15s; he used to love telling me about how they replaced wings before lasers came along to check alignment, and how they would be flown by C-141 to Korea for jobs).

Every man in both sides of my family had their private pilot's licenses, and my dad was flying a Cherokee Six before he ever got his driver's license! So the passion kinda runs in the blood. The first time I saw the Viper was in.....yep, Iron Eagle. Yes, yes I know. Awful movie with awful acting, and a premise that verges on insulting the audience's intelligence in a way that would only be topped by the use of F-4s as stand-ins for MiG-29s in the sequel. But as soon as I saw my first Falcon I was in love. Anywho, not too professional, but it is what it is.

To anyone who's still reading, thanks for taking a look, I look forward to chatting with you all soon!

RE: Hoodeehoo there neighbors!

Unread postPosted: 15 Oct 2012, 02:40
by tjodalv43
Welcome to the forums, dude!

RE: Hoodeehoo there neighbors!

Unread postPosted: 16 Oct 2012, 02:05
by gerhard01