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Let us know what your connection is with the aircraft, tell us where you're from and what you like!

If you had the chance to keep one in your garage, which would it be?

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I am not an aviator, but I used to ride motorcycles which I guess is similar (?). I've always been a fan of the f-16, and the f-35 looks pretty sick so far. If I had a choice between flying a 16 or an f-22 though, I'd pick the 16 based purely on looks.

I say "used to ride" because I have an ex-girlfriend who hates me.. so I try to stay off the road on a bike as much as possible. If there is anyone out there who can get me up in the air flying where she can not run me down, please contact me. Stealth is not necessary, but it would be cool just in case.

I have no official connection with the 16 or the mil, but I'm here because I'm an adrenaline junkie and this seemed like the best place to go for that. I used to ride a gsxr-600 but it was stolen and my kx-125 is still in my parents garage which I rarely ride. My latest bike was a 1098 and it rocked.. my next will be an 848 evo or the viper (if thats the correct terminology).

Anyway, this net is awesome.. I hope I get to contribute as much as possible.

R.J. :twisted:

PS.. part of me was joking about my ex-girlfriend... I'm not in any immediate danger (at least I don't think).

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