Gday everyone from Sydney Australia

Let us know what your connection is with the aircraft, tell us where you're from and what you like!
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Gday everyone from Sydney Australia

Hey I just want to congratulate for a fantastic website. Brilliant images, good and interesting info and you even have a forum.

I decided to go a bit crazy and have posted a image I found at of an F16 going through it's paces at a Belgium airshow. It would have been so good to have been the pilot. The jet appears to be doing a flat spin ie spinning round and round in a slow descent, smoke swirling above the aircraft, what a buzz and obviously quite a difficult manouver.

Last time I saw one up close and personal was at an airshow at Avalon Airbase in Melbourne Victoria. It was here that the famous F.111 was appearing for the very last time at any airshows worldwide - sad in a way. It performed it's usual drop and burn fly past where it shoots this enormous flame from the rear of the plane. Quite spectacular really.

I read somewhere that I should post an image however I can't find how to do that. Can anyone help?



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On behalf of the team; thank's a lot and welcome! I was crossing my fingers - well - for an Aussie Vark fare well vissit to RIAT this summer, but it doesn't look good at the moment..

But the F-22 is confirmed, which I guess is good news: ... TOO_RETURN


Photo upload instructions here:

B. Bolsøy

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