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Let us know what your connection is with the aircraft, tell us where you're from and what you like!
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Hello i am not new here but it is been a while since i visited the site. I dont know if people remember but at the time.....4 or 5 years ago i wrote to ask about being a pilot...fighter pilot, in the belgian air force....

Since them i went trough a lot of things...couldnt manage to be a fighter pilot beceause of my eyes, but i am trully passionate about aviation and dicided to give a try at the civil aviation.

At the time i was in ivory i am in canada in a flying school...and it is working well.

realizing that when you are trully passionated about aviation you will enjoy flying in the civil too....

to everyone who wants to become a pilot....forget the cool part of the job that the tv or media is showing you. Dont concentrate on that. Dont be a pilot for the only reason to be able to say it.

concentrate on your work and do your job as a student pilot.....i discovered that being a pilot is more than flying the doesnt matter if it is a cessna-150 or else...
Your attitude will make you a good pilot or not...
the way you prepare your flights....the way you are acting with the aircraft...

I believed in my dream of being a matter what people told me i believed in it...and it is worth it.

For shure it is a job where your nose is always in the books and where you must be able to understand that for one hour fun there is a lot more of work.

My relation to aviation changed....for shure it woud be cool to fly an f-16...but my dream was to fly...not to fly the f-16...

greetings from Montreal... :D
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Good to hear from you and glad for your happiness in the air! 8)
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