Hello - 5 year Eagle veteran

Let us know what your connection is with the aircraft, tell us where you're from and what you like!
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Hey everyone,

Wanted to stop in and say hi, my name is Joe.

I am a 5 year veteran of the F-15. Started off at RAF lakenheath with the 492d from '04 to '06, went from there to Eagle AMU working C-models at Nellis working the Aggressor aircraft. I made staff and got out (standard story) and now am with the Oregon Air Guard out of Portland, working A-models just converting to C's.

So if anyone has Eagle related questions I've worked the full spectrum.

Also I have a photo site here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/joem5952/



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Welcome, Joe.

Hey, if you don't mind I took the liberty to save and paste some of your rather brilliant pics from the airshow, IMO.. not bad work sir.

Yeah, I managed to sneak in a couple of killer non-Viper pics there too.. shhhhh.

As for questions about the F-15, I'd actually have a couple for you, but if you open a specific F-15 thread down on the 'Other Aircraft' forums, I'll look for it there :thumb:
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Welcome aboard sir.

Thanks for Serving
and great pics too.
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