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Always wondered why the F-16 has a tailhook, or how big a bigmouth F-16's mouth really is ? Find it out here !
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boilermaker wrote:
I see about 5500 lbs for the T38 from Flight Global

http://www.flightglobal.com/assets/geta ... emID=38265

T-38A Manual (TO 1T-38A-1) gives 12500 lbs full fuel and 2 crew

Subtract fuel to get 8613 lbs and looks like Wiki might be closer regarding the typical empty weight.

That figure for the T-50 in the image is closer to where you would think the TX sits - will see.
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dragracingmaniac wrote:
magnum4469 wrote:
jetblast16 wrote:Boeing T-X, the next Thunderbird? Way ahead of myself :D

I hope not!! Their Blk 52s should be good until at least 2035. By then the 6th generation fighter should be out so I would bet they and the Blues will both be flying the F-35, just like the F-4 days... :roll: :lmao:

My bet's on the T-X, F-35's cost way more to operate. :drool:

I agree with dragracingmaniac the F-35 Lightning II is too expensive for the Thunderbirds to replace their F-16s with it (although it would look cool and be loud as hell at airshows)! Boeing's TX winner has a much better chance. In my opinion. Don't forget what the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds were flying before they had the F-16's
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