What Blocks Have OBOGS?

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I am wondering if anyone can give any background on the OBOGS system and what Blocks currently have it installed? I know Block 50/52 have them, but are there others that have it installed? In doing some research, it looks like Cobham developed an upgrade kit for it, however, it was never bought by the USAF for LOX replacement. Is there any particular reason why? I'm sure gov funding and the color of money has something to do with it, although in my experience, contractors don't usually develop mod kits without a contract and funding in place. Were there any plans for a full USAF fleet mod to upgrade to OBOGS? Any info is appreciated- thanks!




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I believe OBOGS is currently installed on USAF Block 50/52, FMS Block 50/52+ and Block 60.

I also believe the original plan was to modify all USAF Block 25/30/32, Block 40/42 and Block 50/52 with OBOGS but, it came down to lack of money and so only the USAF Block 50/52 were modified.

NOTE: the later production USAF Block 50s came with OBOGS already installed.


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Pretty sure that Vipers don't have OBOGS.

In the late '90s I was the Program Manager for new F-16 production. Thanks to the Texas delegation in Congress, the USAF was getting plus-up dollars for trickle production (6 per year?) to keep the production line open for pending FMS sales. During that time frame the USAF had contracted LMTAS to develop OBOGS for the Viper. I was provided several $million to have LMTAS update the engineering drawings for new production Vipers. Less than a year later the OBOGS program became a victim of budget cuts. USAF then had to pay LMTAS to undo OBOGS from the production drawings...

Those first (and only) 6 jets also had an early generation MMC computer (MMC 3000) that was orphaned when the chips became unavailable. USAF went to a new design (MMC 5000). Result was 6 jets with OBOGS and an old computer and minimal tech orders. They were sent to ACC at Eglin for test since they wouldn't be suitable for a fielded unit.

Memory could be off on the details, but the major stuff is correct.

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Roscoe wrote:Pretty sure that Vipers don't have OBOGS.

http://www.pacaf.af.mil/News/Article-Di ... readiness/

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