Jettison of Open Canopy

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What would be the effect of a seat ejection or canopy jettison with a canopy in the fully or partially open position?


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There are hundreds of variables and I do not think anybody has ever tried, not AFAIK. The rockets on the canopy could burn the pilot, The canopy may not separate properly. The canopy may travel in weird way if jettison like that. The seat should not fire until the canopy has travel far way enough to pull the lanyard that it attach to it, activating the seat.


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This was an odd question?

The purpose of canopy ejection mechanism is to remove the canopy when in the way of urgent extraction need.
In fligth the canopy is (of course) closed, and should be released/removed before firing the seat - hence the ejection mechanism to take care of this.

However if the canopy is open, you are more times than not on the ground and you don't need to remove the canopy or activate the ejection mechanism to get out of the jet. In other words - you will not have a need to activate the ejection mechanism to get out while on the ground.

Should you however be on the ground with the canopy closed and something happens that requires urgent extraction the canopy ejection mechanism will work similarly as in the air.

From this, the question is a little odd 8)
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Unread post14 Jun 2020, 10:45 Fron outside ejected properly

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