Norwegian F-35As take up QRA duties in Iceland

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More USAF B-2 and RNoAF F-35 interoperability training today: ... -norwegian

Two B-2 Spirit strategic stealth bombers were Thursday flying from an airbase in Missouri across the North Atlantic to the skies over the northernmost parts of the Norwegian Sea.


As the long-range bombers approached international air space outside northern Norway, a pair of F-35s from the Norwegian Air Force teamed up.


September 2019: B-2s flew for the first time above the Arctic Circle over the Norwegian Sea.
November 2019: Three B-52s and six Norwegian F-16s over the Barents Sea.
March 2020: Norwegian F-35s trained the first time together with a pair of B-2s outside Iceland.
May 2020: Norwegian and Swedish fighter jets train together with a pair of B-1 bombers over Scandinavian air space.
June 2020: Four Norwegian F-35s and three F-16s flying over the Barents Sea together with a B-52.
June 2020: Norwegian F-35s trained together with a pair of B-2s above the Arctic Circle over the Norwegian Sea.

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