F-35's first "Elephant walk"

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35 F-35 stealth fighter jets fly together after the elephant walk :D



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A new and bigger elephant walk with F-35A

The 388th and 419th Fighter Wings that call Hill Air Force Base in Utah home have just executed a massive readiness drill that included an 'elephant walk' of a whopping 52 F-35As.

https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/3 ... h-52-f-35s


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Possibly another message for Iran.... :wink:
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https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/202 ... ran-threat

The US has conducted its first mass exercise of its new F-35A fighter jets, launching 52 of them from their base in Utah.

However, the air force insisted it was a coincidence that the number of aircraft used echoed Donald Trump’s threat to hit 52 Iranian targets, including cultural sites.

“Just like the timing, the number is a coincidence. This is the most we can get airborne,” Micah Garbarino, a spokesman at the Hill air force base, said.

The last F-35A Lightning was delivered in December, four years after the first was delivered, bringing the total force of the active duty 388th and reserve 419th fighter wings to 78 aircraft.

Of the three active duty squadrons, one is deployed in the Middle East, leaving two in Utah, which carried out the mass launch – known in the air force as an “elephant walk”.
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F-35A Lightning II standup complete at Hill AFB’s 388th, 419th Fighter Wings
07 Jan 2020 Micah Garbarino, 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

"HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (AFNS) -- A little more than four years after receiving their first combat-coded F-35A Lightning II aircraft, Hill Air Force Base's fighter wings have achieved full warfighting capability. The term describes a set of focus areas within the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings: fully trained pilots and maintainers, a full complement of 78 aircraft and the mission and support equipment needed to fly....

Fully-trained pilots
The first F-35As arrived at Hill AFB in September 2015 and the final aircraft arrived in December 2019. In the intervening years, Airmen at Hill AFB have been training and developing tactics as the aircraft systems and capabilities have matured.

Reaching the right balance of qualified manning can be a challenge when activating a brand-new weapon system. The first squadron to stand up, the 34th Fighter Squadron, started with a core of pilots who had some level of F-35A training and experience in other platforms. As the wing began to grow, that experience level was diluted, and each squadron has been through a period where a majority of pilots could be considered “inexperienced wingmen.”

“We didn’t have a majority of pilots who had been training and carrying out F-35A tactics for 15 or 20 years. So, the core experience is less,” Behmer said. “We’ve worked hard and achieved the right balance in the squadrons.” Through large exercises like Red Flag, local exercises, instructor pilot and flight-lead training, the squadrons have drastically increased that level of experience. Young pilots, some who have never flown any other aircraft, now have real-world combat experience.

Fully-trained maintainers
When the first jets arrived at Hill AFB, about 50% of the maintainers were fully-trained, seasoned F-35 maintainers from Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, and Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. That number decreased due to PCS, retirements and separations. Since then, there has been an influx of new manning with less experience, and every other maintainer has been “homegrown.”...

All 78 aircraft delivered
When the first aircraft arrived in 2015, the goal was to fully equip each squadron with 24 primary assigned aircraft and six backups by the end of 2019. That was realized in December with the delivery of the 78th jet....

...In some cases, the delivery process became so streamlined that the aircraft were able to fly combat training missions within 24 hours of arriving at Hill AFB. This was more than just convenient. It meant that it was possible to deliver a jet from the factory straight into combat if necessary.

Mission and support equipment
Fifth-generation technology on the F-35A requires more specialized equipment than legacy aircraft. Every system on the F-35A has an associated piece of equipment to keep aircraft loaded, fueled and flying.

There are more than a dozen critical pieces of heavy equipment, from the standard – power generators and weapons loaders, to the unique – 13,000-pound air conditioners to cool the jet’s advanced avionics. There’s also other equipment – like the high-tech, personalized helmets that integrate with the jet’s mission systems – and computer and network systems to support flying and maintenance.'''...

Editor's note: Full Warfighting Capability for the 388th and 419th FW is a separate designation from F-35A Full Operational Capability. That designation will be made by the Air Force after several other service-wide requirements have been met."

Source: https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display ... ter-wings/
A4G Skyhawk: www.faaaa.asn.au/spazsinbad-a4g/ & www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqC_s6gcCVvG7NOge3qfAQ/videos?view_as=subscriber

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