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Unread post22 Jan 2020, 17:33

Yes, I also agree that the video was well made and fairly objective and neutral.

IMO and if I had to point out some criticism to the video, this would be the lack of perspective on the stealth/F-35 aircraft side such as the ability to avoid being detected and being shoot at and to shoot first against the S-400. But and on the other hand and specially after watching the later half of the video, I realized that the objective of the video was basically to compare the S-400 with other SAM systems namely the Patriot, the SAMP/T and to a somehow lesser degree, the HQ-9 and not so much to compared the S-400 against a stealth aircraft like the F-35.
(Here the Video Thumbnail was a bit misleading)

From watching the video and some previous knowledge that I had about the system (S-400), I would say that its "best feature" which probably makes it one of the best/deadliest SAM system currently in existence today is that it's a "modular system" or "modularity".
I also found interesting that the author mentioned in the video that the S-400 "modularity" feature does comes with a price/cost, which is being more expensive and "less mobile" in terms of strategical deployment (i.e. to be transported by aircraft from one place to another).

I also echo hornetfinn's words that it won't be easy for a 4th gen fighter aircraft to battle S-400 systems. It will be even and much harder against non-stealth 4th gen fighter aircraft, if the S-400 systems come with many/most "bells and whistles"/"modules"/"extras".
“Active stealth” is what the ignorant nay sayers call ECM and pretend like it’s new.




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Unread post05 Feb 2020, 19:50

Another problem is that stealth will lower the hit probability of the missile even if the SAM system can detect and track the VLO target. Especially in combination of countermeasures in such cases.

Agree on the previous part, not so much on the latter one. distance to target is so short when a missile will use its own guidance that stealth is not really a big issue there as far as the missile was lauched with an appropriate solution (radar equation, distance is extremely important.)


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I think the Taiwanese Sky Bow III would make a good "big missile" replacement for the PAC-2.



It is an active missile using modern western guidance. It is also reportedly much cheaper to buy and maintain than the old Patriot system, perhaps costing only 1/6th of what Patriot's operating costs are. It supposedly has a max range of around 124 miles and it equally well suited for use against ballistic missiles or aircraft.

I think a missile with that sort of capability, the ability to launch in a vertical fashion and the new 360 degree radar system being developed for Patriot would make for a much more robust overall system. I would have loved to see MEADS survive as our new mid-range system while Patriot returned to being a dedicated long range system with a new "big" missile and improved radar and launcher.




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Unread post06 Feb 2020, 18:08

Raytheon was chosen to build the replacement for the Patriot SAM, LTAMDS.

Incumbent Raytheon will build the U.S. Army’s new missile defense radar to replace the Patriot air and missile defense system’s current radar as part of the service’s future Integrated Air and Missile Defense System.

The company has taken its years of experience refining gallium nitride, or GaN, technology at its Massachusetts-based foundry to help design a new radar system that will provide the Army 360-degree threat detection capability in a configuration that includes one large array in the front and two smaller arrays in the back.

https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-ne ... nse-radar/

It will support current Pac 2 and Pac 3 missiles while adding a new lower cost interceptor that was jointly developed with Israel.

Have not heard anything new about MEADS since LM announced that they had submitted a proposal to Germany in 2015.

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