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Unread post20 Jun 2019, 13:58

ricnunes wrote:
mixelflick wrote:Nevertheless, you accuse me of being a liar. In fact you went so far as to capitalize it for the whole world to see (UTTER LIES). Saying that I'm spreading that (supposed) lie to help make my points. That's a pretty strong accusation to make, knowing you can do so behind an anonymous username.

Ok, while I still stand by the logic of what I said in my previous post, I admit that I used some harsh words towards you, namely and specially the ones that you're referring in the part that I quoted above (I should have used other words).

As such I apologize for the words that I used above.

Apology accepted.

Now lets just forget this and move forward..
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Unread post20 Jun 2019, 16:08

mixelflick wrote:Apology accepted.

Now lets just forget this and move forward..

Thanks and roger that.
A 4th/4.5th gen fighter aircraft stands about as much chance against a F-35 as a guns-only Sabre has against a Viper.

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