ITALY: Trenta announces another 28 F35 by 2022

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ITALY: Trenta announces another 28 F35 by 2022

The Minister of Defense during the question time in the Senate. The F-35Bs of the Navy can also be used on the "Trieste" launched by Fincantieri in Castellammare di Stabia

Another 20 F-35 fighter-bombers will arrive by 2022. The Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta, said this during the question time in the Senate, explaining in the Chamber that the dicastery "has authorized the completion of the first phase of the program, which will see the construction and delivery of 28 aircraft" within the indicated year. The Lockheed Martin fighters so far delivered to Italy and "fully funded" says Trenta, are 13 (14 ordered ones, ed), belonging to the low-installment lots 12, 13 and 14, as foreseen by the program.


"The financial commitment in the program, as it was conceived, is of absolute importance in the defense budget and for public finances, therefore it must be carefully analyzed with a view to assessing the overall cost-benefit ratio". The minister then explained, responding to a question by the senator of Forza Italia, Andrea Causin, about the government's intentions regarding the F-35s.


"From my inauguration - the minister added - I asked the technical offices for a thorough evaluation of the program, which takes into account the capacitive needs of our armed forces, the related employment, the industrial effects and other useful variables for the purpose of determining an exhaustive reflection on the dossier. Any political evaluation that precedes an in-depth technical evaluation is likely to appear superficial, approximate and incautious ".


Meanwhile, the second F-35B, a variant with a short take-off and vertical landing, of the Italian Navy, began testing flights with an Armed Forces pilot in Cameri (headquarters of the Final Assembly and Check-Out - FACO). The hunt will then be transferred to the United States, where the first one is already, for training. The F-35Bs of the Navy can also be used on the “Trieste” amphibious unit, launched in recent days by Fincantieri in Castellammare di Stabia , in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. The multi-role naval structure of the LHD type (Landing Helicopter Dock), capable of loading fixed and rotating wing aircraft and replacing the “Garibaldi” aircraft carrier, will in fact be delivered to the Marina in 2022, equipped with its own ski-jump to allow the use of F-35Bs.

The international side, however, the president of the United States, has confirmed in recent days that Japan will acquire further 105 F-35s, thus becoming after the US the largest international buyer of the program. "The United States supports Japan's efforts to strengthen its defense capabilities." Donald Trump said during his official visit to the country. "In recent months we have accelerated the delivery of a large quantity of weapons produced in America to Japan. In 2018 Japan was one of the main buyers of US arms ". The fighters will be delivered by 2028. A few days earlier, on May 28, the Polish Ministry of Defense sent a request to Lockheed Martin for the purchase, by 2026, of 32 aircraft in conventional version. The Warsaw request includes not only fighters but also a logistics and training package. Then there are Spain, Romania, Greece and Singapore in the United States. ... 7BTpD3yn38

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