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Unread post28 Nov 2019, 10:32

I could also see a solution where the actual jammers are carried by drones/UCAVs and controlled from a good distance by some human operator(s). There the actual operation of the jammers is done by computers using AI. The tactical employment would be done by humans. This might be good solution for USAF for example, but I doubt it would work as well in USN due to limited number of aircraft onboard carriers. It will take a lot of time before we are there though and Growler and likely F-35 with NGJ will be used before that.




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Good point, I totally neglected to think of how a UAS based solution might be able to contribute. Whatever the capability ends up being I expect we'll start to hear more about it over the coming years.

This is one area where I think our (RAAF) force planners exercised some solid foresight - electing to field F35 with a supporting Growler force. Our air force be small but mighty haha :wink:
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Unread post28 Nov 2019, 11:18

ASLO (yes I know) the RAAFie CHAPPies selected the SKYguardian MQ-9B (same as UK) for some conflict from above.

See attached 2 page PDF from ADM 28 Nov 2019 no.567 with story from Ewen Levick about the above.
"...“MQ-9 is more about support to the land force and the littoral,” AIRCDRE Goldie told ADM. “So more customizable payloads, which are all about going after close electro-optic IR and signals intelligence.”..."
Sky Guardian MQ-9B DWP 567 pp2.pdf
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Unread post28 Nov 2019, 14:50

The LO and SA of the F-35 will also allow it to loiter in the side lobes of a radar and perform jamming that will be harder to detect and counter
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hornetfinn wrote:That's where sensor fusion engine, artificial intelligence and machine learning comes to play. Just like in F-14 there was real need to have dedicated radar intercept operator and no need in F-22 or F-35 despite the latter having much more capable radars. I think the same will happen with EW systems as I think computers can operate the systems much better than a human can in modern environments. Human has the role of tactician and supervisor and I think a single pilot can do that. AFAIK, that's how Growler is also being developed and upgraded right now. I mean developing artificial intelligence and automation for the EW system.

Also remember that the above also happened with the Growler itself. Note that the EA-18G Growler replaced the EA-6B Prowler which had a crew of four (4) while the Growler has only a crew of two (2). I also believe that sensor fusion together with NGJ will/could allow a one-man crew F-35 to fill the same roles as (or even eventually replace) the Growler.
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Unread post29 Nov 2019, 07:06

F-35 user base is such a lucrative business opportunity that it's hard to see NGJ not making it there in one form or another.

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