How many F-35's does the UK really need???

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Unread post27 Aug 2020, 08:39

talkitron wrote:I think both dropping MBTs and reducing F-35B orders are 60% likely to happen. UK defense procurement is a huge mess and value is rarely acquired for money.

The US and NATO is general would be very "unhappy" with such deep defense cuts. In short the UK would likely pay a very high political price both at home and abroad.......

Honestly, I doubt it would happen....(at least hope not)


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The latest newspaper rumor is a cut to Navy anti-submarine frigates. The current class is the Type 23s, with plans to replace them with expensive Type 26s and very cheap Type 31s. The Type 31 is not even really for warfighting, just constabulary duties. Cutting even more frigates will not be good. ... e-figures/

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