‘Top Gun’ sequel starts filming on NAS North Island

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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 16:03

‘Top Gun’ sequel starts filming on NAS North Island
01 Jun 2018 Tara Copp

"...For years fans of the 1986 mega-hit “Top Gun” have debated on a sequel. Should the Air Force get a chance this time? Will the F-35 have a role?

Answers: 1.) Sorry, Air Force, probably not; and, 2.) No Lightning here, Tom Cruise’s teaser tweet showcased an F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. Cruise is on Naval Air Station North Island right now, completing the first of two days of filming at the San Diego base for “Top Gun: Maverick.” It’s all Navy. The service has already completed a first review of an initial script draft and sent it back with requested revisions, DoD’s entertainment office confirmed (but would not reveal what those revisions were.)…

...The “Top Gun” sequel is one of several movies the Pentagon’s entertainment office is involved in. The office is also supporting the upcoming movie “First Man,” about astronaut Neil Armstrong; next year’s “Captain Marvel” and the World War II Navy destroyer flick “Greyhound,” starring Tom Hanks.

Cruise got a jump-start on the “two day engagement” on North Island because initial filming had to take place before June 1 to meet the requirements of a California financial grant. It’s not clear why a financial grant would be necessary, given that the original “Top Gun” was the highest grossing film of 1986 (and Cruise’s second-highest grossing film of all time.)

But if the sequel is half the boon it was for the Navy in the 1980s, it’s mutually beneficial. “I am very confident in our team’s ability to assist in the development,” said Pentagon press secretary Dana White. “I personally have not read the script yet, but we will work very closely to ensure that it depicts our aviators in a realistic way.""

Photo: "Tom Cruise revealed in an Instagram post he kicked off filming for "Top Gun: Maverick" on Thursday. The film has Navy support (although no final Navy or Pentagon approval on a script yet.) The movie is scheduled to be released in 2019." https://www.armytimes.com/resizer/1Yi9m ... uality(100)/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-mco.s3.amazonaws.com/public/J5WPT53O5JEZ5CYWP3WELD7TQA.jpg

Source: https://www.navytimes.com/off-duty/movi ... th-island/
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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 16:16

Can't see a new generation of pilots lining up to fly F-18's. Just doesn't have the iconic look, power and speed of the F-14. Sequels generally come up short, but I'll reserve judgment until seeing this one. More Hornets though (after decades and decades) is getting old..
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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 16:34


Feel the need.

To miss it...

Agreed with the poster above; the Tomcat was iconic looking. Super Hornet-not so much. Besides, do we really need a sequel?
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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 19:58

As an instructor, "Maverick" would fly an older, non-frontline jet for use in Red Air. For that, the SH is perfect. The students will be the ones flying the F-35C. In the original movie, the instructors flew A-4s.
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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 20:31


enuf of the negative waves!!!

The original had some of the best photography of carrier ops and A2A encounters I ever saw except in my HUD!!!

Yeah, lottsa popcorn and schmaltz, but it's "hollywood" ( not to be confused with the movie character).

The guy filming the aileron roll off the deck was here at PNS and said he did the roll after a low approach, maybe not a bolter/boubnce and go, and then pulled up for the roll. I don't care. It was really neat, and I coulda done that a thousand times in my Viper or VooDoo from a standing start on the rwy.

I just hope the movie is not too political, The original resulted in increased enlistments and such. USAF was behind the game due to PC crapola, but could have done a great job with the new Viper and mature Eagles.

Gums opines...

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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 23:10

Super Hornets with F-22/F-35/F-15/F-16 adversary aircraft or even Mig-29/Su-27 from those contract firms would tick all the boxes nicely ;).
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Unread post02 Jun 2018, 23:42

I've been noticing the basement dwellers are speculating the film will boost SHornet sales. Maybe, maybe not.

Stop with the "Crystal Ball Gazing" you fools. I have to laugh that their new bastion of banter is focusing on a Hollywood movie. Stop predicting the jet business. It's comparable to predicting the weather one year in advance. A SHornet deal was a slam dunk for Canada until....ooops, Bombardier debacle occurred.

Didn't see that coming did they? So predicting the future is hooey :doh:

As far the fans angry about no F-35C in the movie. If this is the worst bad news we have to endure, we're laughing
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Unread post03 Jun 2018, 00:05

SpudmanWP wrote:As an instructor, "Maverick" would fly an older, non-frontline jet for use in Red Air. For that, the SH is perfect. The students will be the ones flying the F-35C. In the original movie, the instructors flew A-4s.

Yes, I agree that what you say makes perfect sense!

Anyway, I still think it's too early to jump into conclusions if the F-35C will or won't "participate" in the movie since everything about the movie is still "under wraps".

Curiously one of the very few things that doesn't appear to be "under wraps" about the movie is that apparently it will focus on the "Navy modernization/transformation", Drones and 5th Gen fighter aircraft (and this last part cries for F-35C).
But time will tell...

Oh and speaking about Drones, I would say that IMO we could have a sort of a "confirmation" below:
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Unread post03 Jun 2018, 00:24

Imagining a scene with a couple of hotshots waiting to start simulated combat when control tells them they are already dead.
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