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Unread postPosted: 15 Apr 2018, 11:36
by mk82
popcorn wrote:"Everything they see becomes the F-35 out there...Every radar hit, every communication is about the stealth jet. They want to illuminate or eliminate a threat they can't handle...It has nothing to do with their skill or technology. They're at such a technological disadvantage... I've seen guys in F-18s turn directly in front of me and show me their tails cause they have no idea I'm there...It aggregates to a completely inept response to what we're doing in the air..People are so hellbent on shooting down the stealth fighter that they invariably make mistakes that I can exploit."

- Maj. Dan Flatley, USMC( ret.)

Damn!!!! That says it all.

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by gta4
XanderCrews wrote:
rheonomic wrote:I'm shocked, shocked that APA has questionably academic integrity.

I was surprised too!!


I laughed liked this^^

2.7 Observations
The Super Hornet is a fighter with exceptional handling qualities, even by modern fighter standards, which even a novice can handle comfortably and with confidence at the edge of the low speed manoeuvre envelope.

The point which Boeing and the US Navy have made most convincingly, is that the aircraft's flight control software is so robust that even a beginner on the type can fly it without embarrassing himself too badly. Sceptics should note that test pilot comments about fighters with this generation of flight controls being as easy to fly as a Cessna 172 are indeed correct. There is no room for argument here, as I had the opportunity to observe first hand!

In the hands of an experienced combat pilot, such flight control software means that the pilot can be wholly focussed on the furball in progress, and need not devote any thought to pushing the aircraft past the edge into a uncontrolled departure and resulting risk of a ground impact or successful enemy missile shot. The importance of a substantially departure resistant aircraft, especially if encumbered with stores, cannot be understated - carefree handling translates directly into combat effectiveness.

In a low speed post-merge manoeuvring fight, with a high off-boresight 4th generation missile and Helmet Mounted Display, the Super Hornet will be a very difficult opponent for any current Russian fighter, even the Su-27/30. The analogue and early generation digital flight controls with hard-wired or hard-coded AoA limiters used in the Russian aircraft are a generation behind the Super Hornet and a much more experienced pilot will be required for the Russian types to match the ease with which the Super Hornet handles high alpha flight regimes.

The reports emanating from carrier landing trials performed in the US cannot be disputed, the aircraft is a sheer delight in the circuit and will take much of the anxiety out of night and bad weather traps, especially for nugget fighter-attack pilots.

The cockpit ergonomics build upon two decades of Hornet experience, and make for a very comfortable and easy to use cockpit environment. Again, a novice pilot will find the MFD modes easy to navigate and easy to follow. The colour moving map display makes navigational orientation ridiculously easy, against the mental chores of VOR/DME/TACAN, radar mapping and INS/map-on-the-knee navigation. The prospect of MIDS/RWR/radar/IFF tracks being overlayed on the moving map will take much effort out of maintaining wider area situational awareness.

The radar is very easy to use in MMTI, GMTI and SAR spot mapping modes, and provides an excellent tool for highly accurate all weather maritime strike, littoral strike and battlefield interdiction operations. In particular, the ability to interleave MTI and surface mapping modes is exceptionally useful for resolving and identifying moving surface targets of opportunity.

In conclusion, the reports of the Hornet's exceptional high alpha handling characteristics are provably correct. Established Hornet users should not be disappointed by this aircraft!

But then all of the sudden the RAAF, an "Established Hornet user" purchased Super Hornets!:

In summary, the Flanker outperforms the Super Hornet decisively in aerodynamic performance. What advantage the Super Hornet now has in the APG-79 radar will vanish in coming years as Russian AESAs emerge. The one area in which the Flanker currently trails the Super Hornet is in radar signature (stealth) performance. The Super Hornet has inlet geometry shaping, inlet tunnel S-bends, and an AESA shroud all of which reduce its forward sector signature well below that of the Flanker.

In the short term, this is an advantage the Super Hornet retains, with the caveat that external stores put hard limits on signature improvement for the Super Hornet. However, Russian researchers have done some excellent work over the last decade in absorbent materials and laminate techniques for radar signature reduction, which offer the potential for the Flanker to achieve similar signature reduction to the F/A-18E/F. If funded, a reduced signature Flanker is feasible in the next half decade.

In conclusion, the Flanker in all current variants kinematically outclasses the Super Hornet in all high performance flight regimes. The only near term advantage the latest Super Hornets have over legacy Flanker variants is in the APG-79 AESA and radar signature reduction features, an advantage which will not last long given highly active ongoing Russian development effort in these areas. The supercruising Al-41F engine will further widen the performance gap in favour of the Flanker. What this means is that post 2010 the Super Hornet is uncompetitive against advanced Flankers in BVR combat, as it is now uncompetitive in close combat

And they updated with this

APA Notice

This article predates the mid December, 2006, announcement by Defence that Super Hornets may be sought as gap fillers for the RAAF, and subsequent decision to acquire these aircraft. The article does not constitute an endorsement of that proposal in any fashion and should not be interpreted to be such by any parties. It concentrates primarily on the history and flying qualities of the aircraft. Any attempt to present this article as an endorsement of the Super Hornet decision will be considered to be intentional and mischievous misrepresentation.

So don't go using their own words against them smart guy.

what part of:

the Flanker in all current variants kinematically outclasses the Super Hornet in all high performance flight regimes.


the Super Hornet will be a very difficult opponent for any current Russian fighter, even the Su-27/30.

don't you understand?

This is because he does not consider low speed dogfight as high performance fighter regime.
And, If he read the manual carefully, he will notice that super hornet out accelerate all flanker variants at subsonic (except su35)
And, The pirouette maneuver of super hornet can help it outturn most flanker vatiants.

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by popcorn
“We are not going to let the enemy dictate what we do now...I can float the aircraft carrier anywhere I want, I can float this offshore to any country, any continent and I can fly in when I choose – not when they permit me to do so...There is nothing they can do.”

- Wing Commander James Beck

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by popcorn
"When we're sitting here on USS America, a ship that was built for the F-35, with the F-35 in mind, and you put 6 or 8 or 12 F-35s on this ship, this ship instantly becomes the most powerful concentration of combat power to put to sea in the history of the world."

Maj. John Dirk, USMC

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by lrrpf52
As you look at the F-35s combat capabilities, what two things really mark it as either a superior or inferior weapon compared to what you have previously flown?

Mo: The closer you get to the airplane, the more positive you are about it.
The airplane provides awareness of what is going on around you. All around you. It is second to none.
I tell people this all the time.
I cannot tell you how awesome the sensor suite is, combined with the survivability of the airplane.
It’s not just that it is a stealth airplane, it is everything rolled into one.
It makes it unlike any other plane anywhere in the world right now.

BC: Stealth works. Low observability is not a fallacy.
You see it in the airplane and realize what a powerful capability it is.
None of the airplanes we flew prior had that capability.

Guts: Situational awareness and the freedom of maneuver that stealth brings. The workload required to have that unprecedented SA is greatly reduced over previous platforms.

I’m getting all this information, I have freedom to maneuver, and I work significantly less than I did in a previous platform to have that level of information.

That frees up my processor to be able to fight the battle vs. each individual part that I used to have to put together.
The workload is reduced in all aspects of flight, and that enables me to focus on the fight at hand.

Mo: The aircraft allows me to be a tactician, rather than worry about physically manipulating sensors to get information I need. I have a good picture that I can execute tactically.

It is almost like a chess game. I can make sure the moves I make in the cockpit are the best moves not just for me, but for everybody out there.

Can you describe what the F-35 allows you to do from a tactical perspective that the 4th Gen platforms could not do?

Mo; The sensors on the airplane are our center of gravity. Our ability to know what’s going on around us in the battlespace and then push that to everybody we are working with.

Not just air to air (A2A), but air to ground (A2G) as well. Add our ability to operate in areas that we have never been able to before such as contested environments.

Physically flying the airplane is extremely easy, that’s the beauty of it, so you just focus on the tactical employment.

It makes you much more lethal. ... aordinary/

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by lrrpf52
Guts: "My first “aha” moment was a seemingly simple thing.

I was executing a familiarization flight near MCAS Yuma. I was coming back to the airfield and I basically just turned the jet and pointed its nose at Yuma.

Immediately the jet is providing me the information of all the traffic that is out there in the airspace.

When I talk to approach for the first time they are telling me about the traffic that is out there that I already know about and I see it.

I can tell who everybody is that he is talking about and the jet also saw traffic that ATC hadn’t seen yet and I asked about it. And I thought, “holy cow,” here I am coming back to the field from a simple familiarity mission and my jet is telling me everything about the operational environment I am about to go into.

In this case, something very simple, the traffic pattern coming back there, but I didn’t have to do anything to have that level of SA."

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by lrrpf52
BC: I was conducting a strike mission and Red Air was coming at me. In a 4th Gen fighter you must do a whole lot of interpretation. You see things in azimuth, and you see things in elevation. In the F-35 you just see the Gods eye view of the whole world. It’s very much like you are watching the briefing in real time.

I am coming in to perform the simulated weapons release, and Red Air is coming the other direction.
I have enough situational awareness to assess whether Red Air is going to be a factor to me by the time I release the weapon. I can make the decision, I’m going to go to the target, I’m going to release this weapon.

At the same time I pre-target the threat, and as soon as I release the A2G weapon, I can flip a switch with my thumb and shoot the Red Air. This is difficult to do in a 4th Gen fighter, because there is so much manipulation of systems in the cockpit.

All while paying attention to the basic mechanics of flying the airplane and interpreting threat warnings that are often very vague, or only directional.

In the F-35 I know where the threats are, what they are and I can thread the needle. I can tell that the adversary is out in front of me and I can make a very, very smart decision about whether to continue or get out of there. All that, and I can very easily switch between mission sets.

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by spazsinbad
OH this is so sad - how many times do we have to say THINK DIFFERENT and we still have endless this v that threads. :devil:
"...The F-35 “really is a leap forward compared to anything we operated before,” said Butcher, Wing Commander John Butcher [who previously flew Harriers and F/A-18 Hornets]. “The fact that it can see and hear at such significant ranges, it has all the sensors and the technology that will support the pilot in the cockpit to make quick, good decisions—that for me is the thing that changes with this platform.”...

...Butcher’s 617 Sqdn. includes a mix of experienced aviators and four brand-new pilots. It is these young men and women, climbing into the F-35 with no preconceptions, who will be key to developing tactics for the new stealth fighter, Butcher said.

The pilots “need to forget what they knew before. They need to come with a new portfolio, a new idea in their heads of exactly what it is they need to do with the platform to make it air combat effective,” Butcher said. “All of the previous tactics and the way we used to fight are very much gone.”..." ... 5-squadron [repeated on the UKmodInAmuddle thread]

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by popcorn
“The F-35 is a great airplane. The comments that I make about the F-35 are about program execution. There’s a real difference. The airplane itself is a high-performing, advanced, fifth-generation fighter.”

Patrick M. Shanahan - DEPSECDEF and former Boeing Sr. VP

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by spazsinbad
This is the LONGEST QUOTE one would wish to hear from retired LtCol USMC 'Chip' Berke in .WMA format - others too large. Thanks 'SWP' for editing the youtube video from 'Dragon029' which excerpt this WMA sound only file consists. :mrgreen:

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by lrrpf52
I don't have to maintain what doesn't exist...

The plane has NONE of the items that are traditionally on airplanes to transmit and receive. It does not have any of those.

What it has is a rack of two CNI (Combat, Navigation and Identification), Com and Navigation racks.

It has two racks and you tell the airplane: "I would like to transmit in the UHF wave form and it generates that wave form and transmits in the UHF waveform." which is a difficult concept to think about.

There is no UHF radio on the airplane.

There is no ILS on the airplane.

If I want an ILS I have to go in, tap on my glass, and say, "Hey, good morning jet. I’m going to need an ILS today so I need you to generate the ILS waveform when I need it."

What does this mean in terms of performance and maintainability?

I do not have to maintain what is not there; I do not need to be affected by failure rates of systems that are no longer there.

Let me use the example of the IFF transponder, which I do not have on the plane as a separate system. On an F-15E, you can walk to the ramp and open up a panel and you can find a little box that has all sorts of cannon plugs on it and it would say ITT transponder.

And if it fails during the operation, when you come back you tell maintenance, it does not work.

They’d undue the cannon plugs, they’d pull out this IFF, they’d send it to the back shop, they’d go through all the testing, they’d figure out, they’d fix it, and it would come back.

They would put another one in. Well, this airplane doesn’t have that to either fail or to fix.

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by hornetfinn
Another great thing in having radio frequency systems software defined is that upgrading and improving the systems does not usually need any hardware modifications and can be made very quickly. Need new waveforms or new features in old waveforms? Just upgrade the software which might take couple of minutes or even less and there you have all those new capabilities. Of course in real life there are always some hardware limitations and some larger upgrades might need upgraded hardware also. But they are also easier to make as there are much less done with hardware and there is less physical stuff that needs to be changed.

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by hornetfinn
Billie Flynn about F-35 hot/cold weather testing:
F-35 weather testing

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by spazsinbad

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by jedigman
Billie Flynn adressing Turkish delegation who are there for rollout ceremony of Turkey's first F-35.