F-35 Year in Review (2015)

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by KamenRiderBlade

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by stereospace
Thanks! A lot of firsts in 2015.

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by popcorn
Loren Thompson sums up 2015

http://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenthomps ... s-in-2015/

F-35 Rising: The Pentagon's Biggest Weapon Program Made Major Progress In 2015
The F-35 fighter, destined to replace the Cold War tactical aircraft of three U.S. military services and ten overseas allies, is ending 2015 on a positive note. An omnibus spending bill passed by Congress last week to fund government programs for the rest of the fiscal year added $1.33 billion for eleven more of the planes. Meanwhile, a December 14 memorandum signed by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter came to light that directed the Navy to add 31 more F-35s to its budget plans over the next several years. These moves signal that the once-controversial F-35 now has broad support across the political spectrum.

And with good reason: 2015 has turned out to be the most successful year in the program’s history since it was awarded to an industry team led by Lockheed Martin on October 26, 2001...
If much of this sounds unfamiliar, it is because news about the F-35 program tends not to be reported unless it is negative. That’s the way military reporting goes — you don’t win journalism prizes by reporting good news. By that standard, though, there isn’t much left to report about the F-35. The program is progressing smoothly, with much of the risk retired, production ramping up, and testing being completed. The program has broader political support today than at any other time in its history, due in no small part to the fact that the cost of each plane is falling. That trend will continue as the F-35 increasingly becomes the face of U.S. air power in the years ahead, and a symbol of America’s continued global dominance in aerospace technology.

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by Dragon029
Edwards AFB have released their own year in review video with some previously unreleased footage:


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by arrow-nautics
These videos must be sugarcoating everything. After all, the Voice of God himself, Don Bacon has been making the rounds on the net how 2015 was a disaster!

How dare LM & the USAF sink so very low & stick to total logic! For shame!

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by charlielima223
I found another F-35 2015 year end review. Unfortunately it didn't feature the F-35C carrier DT tests. Still its a really good piece


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by spazsinbad
It is shocking how uptodate we are here but it is a great video to see again. On the 28 Jan that video was downloaded with this name: JSF ITF F-35 2015 Year In Review I'll find the youtube page....

'Dragon029' found that same video that day above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQE2mnpTrx0

To make the video appear put the unique string WQE2mnpTrx0 between [youtube] & [/youtube] - no spaces...

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by charlielima223
oh snap! my bad