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How To Win In A Dogfight: Stories From A Pilot Who Flew F-16s And MiGs
Tyler Rogoway 2/3/2015 12:10pm

"Lt. Col. Fred "Spanky" Clifton is one of the most experienced aggressor pilots ever, having flown the F-15, F-5, F-16 and the notorious MiG-29. He's been in dogfights with pretty much every fighter out there and is a graduate of the prestigious Fighter Weapons School. Now he's here to share his expertise with you...."

Long article, but towards the end:

Question: Will the F-35's sensor fusion and low observability (stealth) allow it to overcome its lackluster maneuverability and kinetic performance against future enemies?

Clifton: I can't answer this one. I can ask, "Why did they make it such a pig?"

Question: If you had to fly any fighter into an air combat arena today, including an operational F-35A as an option, what would it be?

Clifton: "The F-22. It's a better jet than the F-35. It can carry at least as much, further and faster. If it was up to me I'd cancel the F-35 and start building more Raptors. A common counter to that is the cost to restart the F-22 assembly line. How much does one pig cost? Another is that the F-35 program is too far along. Yep, let's just keep paying for a poorly-managed, overly expensive fighter that has three versions that make any one version less than it could be. Can you say F-111? That the F-35's avionics are better than the F-22's; how about a Raptor upgrade? I'd also build more advanced versions of the F-15 and F-16.

OK, I've spent enough time on my soapbox." ... 1682723379
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So, Clifton doesn't even know that the F-35 has longer range than the F-22?
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count_to_10 wrote:So, Clifton doesn't even know that the F-35 has longer range than the F-22?

Might explain why he is a "former"


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@MAUS, He has amended his views on the fighter. This has been posted on this forum before, and he was kind enough to come up and post on the matter on He is a forum member here. He is known as "fulcrum flyer" and his post on the matter can be seen here:



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Topic already exists, as mentioned above.
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