Why is the F-35 replacing the A-10?

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That has been my biggest gripe about the A-10 vs F-35 debate. A plane is a plane. If they are really concerned about CAS, then stand up F-35 squadrons that are dedicated CAS platforms who train on CAS as their main mission and everything else is secondary. You retain tribal knowledge and can develop TTPs to evolve the mission beyond the current tactics.


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charlielima223 wrote:

A-10 was good in a permissive while the F-35 excelled in a non-permissive environment... who would have thought.

It good to see that they are learning and developing new tactics to have better effects. At this point the phasing out of the A-10 is inevitable. I'll be sad to see the end of a era but so long as we keep the pilots and their experience to train the next generation, I would not be worried that the close air support mission will be exceedingly more effective and capable.

Of course when the report does come out and made public, I'll be thoroughly entertained by the circus of stupidity.

The debate will never end. Will live on long after the "Russian Collusion" fiction is settled IMO..

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