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Unread post06 Nov 2011, 21:36

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System - EMALS

http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ ... /emals.htm

"...the shielding effectiveness of the trough. Little energy is escaping the trough structure. The magnetic fields are 0.07 mTat 10 cm above the deck at the center of the slot. Along the flight deck, the fields reach a maximum of 0.3 mT within 2.5 cm above the deck right over the coil. They fall to the Earth's ambient.

Electromagnetic motors for both launching and recovery of aircraft aboard a carrier are now possible due to a myriad of technical advancements. The advantages of electromagnetic motors are their improved performance capability over present systems and the resultant reduced weight and volume because of the high power, force, and energy densities possible. These savings are especially important on a carrier where they are precious commodities. In the future Navy, weight and volume may be of even higher importance as smaller budgets may demand smaller ships, and future design will require, just as in automobiles and space vehicles, etc., more performance out of smaller boxes. Electromagnetics offers this advantage. These systems would also provide the inherent controllability that comes with electrical machinery allowing for safer, less.

All prospective EMALS designs must be capable of launching present and future naval fixed wing aircraft from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Design goals for the program are: 30% reduction in manning, 20% reduction in life cycle cost, 20% improvement in operational availability, and up to a 50% reduction in installed size and weight when compared to the current steam catapults. The performance goals for the EMALS are: 90,000,000 ft-lbs. of energy capability, an end speed range between 55 and 200 knots, a peak to mean acceleration of 1.05 for all aircraft launches (including light weight aircraft such as Unmanned Air Vehicles and Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles), and a cycle time of 45 seconds.

The Navy defines the EMALS as consisting of four major subsystems: an energy storage subsystem, power conditioning subsystem, a launch engine, and a control system."
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