The real AOA during High Alpha Pass

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Unread post30 Jan 2012, 12:28

Hi Guys.

Is there anyone (..kinda rhetorical question :lol:) who can tell what is the actual Angle of Attack sustained by F-16 during High Alpha Pass maneuver made commonly at air shows. I know that the FLCS limits the Viper up to 25° (26°?) at all regimes. But how's to the angle of attack in which the aircraft passing by while High Alpha - is it that max designed limit or maybe less?
Host-commentators in most cases screaming "...the High Alpha Pass with MAXIMUM ANGLE of ATTACK".

Feedback would be appreciated :notworthy:


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Unread post30 Jan 2012, 15:30

Yesterday I watched the youtube video of HAF ZEUS demonstartion team during an air show in Radom in 2011 and was asking myself the same question. From the ground it looked like a steady 45 degrees or close to that. Can anyone please explain what is the limit?


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If the high alpha pass is flown on the Cat 1 limiter, then the AOA will be between 25 and 26 degrees. And I think the maneuver is intended to be flown on the limiter.
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Unread post04 Apr 2020, 09:30

It appears to have 45 degrees because the aircraft climbing up but is only 22-25degrees depending on the aircraft weight at the moment and wind speed.

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