Forum redirecting people to phishing/spam sites?

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Unread post22 Aug 2016, 23:25

This happens to me once in a while when I visit on my mobile device. Was wondering if this might be a site problem. Another forum I'm a member of had a hack where the malicious code would randomly redirect a small fraction of site traffic to phishing and spam sites. This seems to be similar.




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Unread post23 Aug 2016, 00:47

i was having this problem too on my samsung mobile. I'm no IT expert but from reading around the issue I found out that it is most likely related to one of the advertisers, which explains why it only happens from time to time, when that particular advert loads onto the page. You can stop it by turning off java script. That is what I have been doing to read posts when I am getting re-directed, and then turn java script back on for other sites.

hope that helps
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Unread post23 Aug 2016, 08:06

Adblock Add-Ons are your friend

Also on Mobile, if you can use Firefox, use it

Then install "uBlock Origin"

That's what I use


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Unread post25 Aug 2016, 20:11

I use the "Adguard" internal VPN for android. That way it works across all apps, not just the browser.
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