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Unread post15 Jan 2015, 04:16


I have not been able to get the charts to load. Tried in IE and Chrome, multiple PC's.

It returns "Loading </charts/zoom_fs.png> timed out. (-2)"

I was curious how many pre block 30/32 are left in service...


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Unread post21 Feb 2015, 14:31

Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed. It might take a while, but in the mean time you can use the advanced search in our F-16 aircraft database to find the answer: ... ed-search/

Just enter:

Version: F-16 Block 30
Status: act

Important >> check the "current situation only" flag so that you only get the currently active block 30 airframes. That search shows 321 block 30s. Re-run the query with block 32 for the rest.

The graphs pull their data from the same database BTW.

Stefaan Vanhastel Webmaster.

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