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Elite 5K

Elite 5K

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Unread post21 Dec 2010, 05:15

I have Firefox 3.6.13 (but has been a problem for a long time) and am having a problem viewing new posts.

On some posts I click on the "View Newest Post" (to be called VNP) icon and it takes me to the correct post.

On others, when I click on the VNP button it takes me to an older post that I have already seen. Restarting Firefox or rebooting sometimes helps, but not always. Many times I log back in , click the VNP button, and it takes me to the same old post. It seems that it cannot update the cookie (or whatever it uses) that it needs to use for tracking.


F-16.net Webmaster

F-16.net Webmaster

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Unread post28 Mar 2011, 08:52

Sorry for the late reply; I've been trying to reproduce the bug for some time now but haven't managed to.

Since you mention the problem is intermittent - if you get the problem once on a certain button, do you get it always afterward? Or just once?

Stefaan Vanhastel
F-16.net Webmaster.


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Unread post28 Mar 2011, 15:29

I get this too, Stefaan, Firefox version 3.6.15, Win XP SP 3. If I F5, (reload), it updates the visited posts correctly. My solution is to use IE for this site. Firefox has an option to use IE anytime I click the link.

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