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Wednesday, 25 March 2020:
13-8562. #562. MSN M1062.
3rd Hikoutai, JASDF, based at Misawa AB, Aomori Prefecture.

Final F-2 departed Misawa AB.

10:30, appeared at taxiway.
10:40, took off.
11:30, arrived, at Hyakuri AB, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Other 3rd Hikoutai F-2 moved to Hyakuri AB already.

3rd Hikoutai would move from 3rd Koukuudan, to 7th Koukuudan, based at Hyakuri AB.
3rd Hikoutai members moving to Hyakuri AB too.

October 2000, Misawa AB began to equip F-2.
2001, 3rd Hikoutai with about 20 F-2.
2008, 8th Hikoutai with about 20 F-2.
2016, 8th Hikoutai moved to Tsuiki AB, Fukuoka Prefecture.

https://flyteam.jp/airport/misawa-airpo ... cle/122949
https://flyteam.jp/registration/13-8562 ... ype=detail
https://www.mod.go.jp/asdf/misawa/topic ... 31.html#20

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