F 16 On site Monitoring In Pakistan

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Hello everyone,

I am a journalist and I have been exploring US security relations in South Asia and I have been studying their arms sales to India and Pakistan. The United States has sold F-16s to Pakistan multiple times. At some places, I read that there is on-site surveillance of those planes about their usage (whether those planes are being used in accordance with the bilateral agreement). Most recently in 2019, there were news stories that Trump administration had approved a $125 million deal with Pakistan that would enable 24/7 end-use monitoring of US-supplied F-16s. (Story's link: https://gulfnews.com/world/asia/pakista ... 4200291908)

I want to know whether such a monitoring iexisted prior to this 2019 US-Pakistan deal. In case such monitoring existed before 2019 as well, are reports filed by the US observers public? If yes, how can these reports be accessed?

It would be very great of you if you could address these queries.

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